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Return Trip to El Nido: Tour B

The last time I was in El Nido was the summer of 2013. I couldn't get enough of the place so I decided to return in November 2014. For this trip, I decided to do the tours I was unable to do during my first visit to this wonderful island paradise.

Take Me Back to El Nido: Tour B

Tour B was one of the tours that I was unable to do during my first trip to El Nido; so it was the first tour I did the night after I arrived.

Entalula Island

The first stop on the tour was Entalula Island. Like most islands in El Nido, Entalula did not disappoint!

The towering limestone formations, fine white sand beach, and emerald waters were picturesque. It was almost like stepping into a postcard! I enjoyed swimming in its warm waters and sinking my feet into its fine white sand. As a seasoned solo traveler, I didn't mind traveling by myself and eventually made friends with some of the people I met on the tour.

Snake Island

I've heard that Snake Island was the highlight of tour B, I had to see it to believe it. The beach was nothing exceptional, but the view overlooking the island did reveal a snake-like sandbar.

Two lovely ladies from Spain that were on the tour.

The sand on this island was not as fine as in Entalula Island but it was still quite beautiful in its own way. The waters on both sides of the sandbar were a mix of blue and quite clear.

Cudugnon Cave & Beach

Cudugnon Beach was small yet charming. I could never get tired of tropical islands like this one. It was the perfect place to sit back or lie down and think.

There was also a cave on the island. All visitors had to slither through this small hole to get inside Cudugnon cave.

Cathedral Cave

The boat could not dock because there was no shore and the tide to high to enter. We all had to jump from the ship into the cool waters to get a look inside Cathedral Cave. I was more impressed with the rock formations inside this cave compared to Cudugnon.

Pinagbuyutan Island

The beach was not the main attraction on this island. Its real beauty lies beneath the emerald waters. By far, the best snorkeling spot I've been to in El Nido is on this island. There was literally a forest of corals in close proximity to the shore. Despite my poor eyesight, I managed to see the different hues of corals near this island. I had to swim over the corals to get to the shore. I couldn't even bend my knees to touch my stomach let alone stand upright underwater because the corals were too near. Too bad I was unable to take any pictures, because my waterproof camera jacket was already leaking, I didn't want to damage my camera just to take pictures.

Tour B was just as awesome as the tours that I took during my previous trip to El Nido. There are so many wonderful places that are uncrowded here in Palawan and in the Philippines. Cheers to new experiences, places, and friends!

*I paid P1000 for tour B which included boat transfers, food, guides, and snorkeling gear.

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  1. where did you get atour for 1000 ive heard somebody paying 1400 plus tax