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The Twin Beaches of Nacpan in El Nido

I liked El Nido so much I decided to return last November (2014). This time around I wanted to visit some of the places I missed out on during my first trip in the summer of 2013. One of those places was Nacpan beach.

The Twin Beaches of Nacpan

The trip to twin beach was anything but smooth, but the scenic countryside somehow made the trip smoother. To put things in perspective, the tricycle ride feels like one of those amusement park rides where you watch a movie while the seat moves in various directions depending on what happens in the movie. It was so bumpy that you need to hold onto something to avoid getting thrashed around.

The stunning twin beach was in full display once you make your way up the view point. The blue waters was in contrast to the darker shade of blue on the other side of the beach. The two beaches accommodated both locals and tourists. The beach with the blue water was better though because the other beach was where boats docked and locals lived in.

The beach only had pockets of people, and most of them were foreigners. Maybe, once the road to the beach gets fixed, more and more people will visit.

The fine, white sand and bluish waters were quite refreshing after the approximately an hour ride. 

The waves were too strong for normal swimming, it looked perfect for body surfing or surfing on a board.

The long trip through the dirt road (if you could call it a road) was definitely worth it. So far Nacpan beach is one of my all-time favorites here in the Philippines.

*The best way to reach Nacpan twin beach is by motorcycle, but if you do not know how to ride one, you can always rent a tricycle somewhere between P600 to P1000 round way, depending on the number of passengers.

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  1. hi there Joshua!

    Planning to visit El Nido this oct and i would like to know if the weather will be good during that month. thanks