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The Longest Beach in the Philippines

The Philippines has plenty of beaches because of the country's long coastlines. During my return trip to Palawan, it's my third time in the province already, I decided to visit the longest beach in the Philippines in San Vicente.

San Vicente Long Beach in Palawan

Getting to San Vicente is part of the adventure. There is no direct route from either El Nido or Puerto Prinsesa, You'd have to rent a boat or ride a bus or jeep on either side to get to this tropical paradise. The beach is 14km long and has golden sand as far as the eyes could see.

I wandered along the shore and did not see any other tourists, the only people I saw were the locals that lived along the shore. It was quite nice to have a 14km beach all to yourself!

The waves seemed good enough for surfing (I'm no expert).

I've heard that land in this part of Palawan was already bought by several investors, looking to cash in on the future development of the area. There were just a handful of resorts and guesthouses that lined the shore, but that won't be for long. I think it would take longer than what most people expect for San Vicente to become a full-blown tourist destination, the roads are too underdeveloped and the airport is taking too long to finish construction.

There is also very limited food choices once you are in town. There really isn't much to do aside from bum around the beach. But the rawness of San Vicente's long beach is a huge part of its appeal and charm. If I were you, I'd visit this place before the development comes.


Here are the expenses I incurred during my overnight stay in San Vicente:

P500 - Overnight at Erika's Guesthouse (10-15 minutes from the beach)
P300 - Motorcycle rental
P255 - Food and drinks
P350 - Van to San Vicente Junction from El Nido
P70 - Bus from junction to San Vicente poblacion
P40 - Transport around town
P300 - Van to Puerto Prinsesa City
P1815 - Total expenses

The bulk of my expenses went to getting to and from places. There's no electricity from around midnight till 8AM or 9AM, I'm not sure better ask once you get there, but I'm sure there was no electricity after midnight. I slept in complete darkness as I heard the winds, waves crashing into the shore, and the sounds of insects. Make sure to bring insect repellant, I was feasted on by a variety of insects once the electricity went out.

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