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El Nido: I Keep Coming Back

El Nido is a place I wouldn't mind keep coming back to. I got the chance to revisit this paradise in November 2014. I didn't mind doing Tour A again because there was no one else doing Tour D, a tour I was unable to do the first time I visited.

Paradise Revisited: El Nido

There were some changes in town that weren't there the first time I visited, one of which is that electricity in town was already 24 hours! The electricity still fluctuates but at least it lasted for an entire day instead of certain parts of the day. 24 hours electricity has only been implemented for around a month when I arrived in November 2014. Sadly, there are still no ATMs for travelers who visit (as of November 2014). Hopefully, there will be ATMs when I visit again, I will definitely return!

Everything was just as beautiful as it was when I first visited. The beaches pristine, the sand fine and white, and the waters clear.

Look at that view! El Nido is one of the most picturesque places I've been to in the Philippines.

I could never get tired of looking at this paradise and swimming in its waters. I'm thankful that El Nido isn't as popular as the beaches in Thailand where droves of tourists are in its islands and beaches.

You can spend several minutes just admiring the view. The towering limestone formations and the different hued waters, from emerald to a clear blue, are quite a sight!

I was surprised to see a small store that sells food and drinks on Seven Commando Beach. That store was not there during my first visit. I hope that the other islands don't become overdeveloped. El Nido's islands are beautiful just the way they are.

I enjoyed doing tour A again during my return trip to El Nido. I might just keep returning every year, I hope that the town does not get jaded or overrun by tourists in the future.

*I was able to do tour A again for only P700 (November 2014 price) the same price I got it during my first trip in March 2013. It already includes a buffet lunch on one of the islands. You can add P200 or P150 for snorkeling gear.

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