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My First Time & Things to Do in Boracay

I've been to lesser known places in the Philippines and other parts of Southeast Asia from Lake Sebu, Philippines to Solo, Indonesia. Somehow I have yet to visit the most popular destination in the Philippines, Boracay. I have put my trip to Boracay aside for so long because I figured I would always have time to visit it anyway. But when the opportunity to go to the most popular beach destination in the Philippines arose, I decided to visit and discover what the fuss was all about.

Pardon me for the uber late post.

Things I Did in Boracay

I'm certain that there have been many blog posts about things you can do in Boracay, but here are some of the things I did (the cheapest possible way) during my first time ever trip to Boracay:

Beach Bumming in White Beach

Despite rapid commercialization, Boracay's White Beach is still one of the best beaches I've been to (so far). I liked the sand in Station 1 the best because it was fine and white, the sand just fit the spaces between my toes instantly as soon as I stepped on it. Also, you can still find a semi-quiet spot to swim and relax in, it takes some time to walk to those places but they are well worth it. I would recommend heading toward the last kilometer (near Willy's Rock) in Station 1 and the other end at Station 3 for some semi-quiet and relaxing beach time.

Boracay's beach is perfect for swimming because the waters are warm and the shallow part stretches for quite a distance from the shore. The waves gently lap (and not crash) onto the shore, ideal for all levels of swimmers. I just enjoyed bumming around the beach during my stay in Boracay.

Visit Puka Beach

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the 3 boat stations, Puka Beach is the destination for you!

The sand is not as fine, the sand here is made of corals, but the views are just as splendid in Puka Beach.

There were no large, concrete structures on this beach that is why I enjoyed bumming around here so much. Puka Beach is quite far though, it would cost you around P30-P40 one way from Station 2. 


A trip to Boracay would be incomplete without experiencing its magical sunset that would make any cynical heart melt (even by just a few degrees haha!). The silhouette of the paraw boats as the last remnants of the day sink are quite a sight to behold.

I've seen quite a lot sunsets around the region, but by far the sunset in Boracay is the best. The sunset here is poetic.

Willy's Rock

The iconic image of Willy's Rock has been published in several magazines, blogs, photos, and whatnot. This icon of Boracay is worth a look during your stay on the island.

Jonah's Shake

Another Boracay tradition is drinking a shake from Jonah's Shake. This sugar-filled drink gives you an adrenaline boost that is (sorta haha!) healthy.

Climb Mt. Luho

If you have the time, hike up Mt. Luho to get an overlooking view of the island. It's not really a mountain, Mt. Luho is more like a hill. You won't have to go through forests and trees to get to the view point. Most of the area is paved and accessible via motorcycle. I decided to walk to the view point from Bolabog beach since it was less than an hour going there and returning.

*There is an entrance fee of P70 to visit the view point.

Cheap Eats

As a major tourist destination, Boracay offers a wide variety of restaurants to choose from, budget to fine dining, you'd find a restaurant that suits your budget in Boracay. I found this pizza restaurant that sold P100++ pizzas! It was a great find for the price I paid. It wasn't anything fancy, it was more of a homemade pizza. You can also eat at Andok's or Mang Inasal for meals around or under P100.

Despite the commercialization, I still liked Boracay and would definitely return, but maybe not travel by myself next time. Boracay is a convenient travel destination that has everything you need for your trip.

Here's food for thought:

I asked one of the locals (the driver of the shuttle in the hotel I was staying in) if life was better now than it was before, my question was answered with silence and a thoughtful look. Despite the obvious revenue that fast and massive commercialization brought to the island, we still wouldn't know if it is a good or bad thing or somewhere in between.

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