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Chilling in Cameron Highlands

I've been to Malaysia multiple times, but have yet to visit the cool climate and rolling tea plantations of Cameron Highlands. This time around, I visited the Cameron Highlands.

A Cool Destination in Pahang

I mostly just transit in Kuala Lumpur in lieu of going to another country, but this time around I didn't let the opportunity to visit another destination within Malaysia. Before heading to India, I decided to visit the cool (and freezing) Cameron Highlands.


I knew it was going to be cold in the Cameron Highlands in January (2015), but I didn't know it was going to be freezing, by my Southeast Asian standards. I didn't let the cold weather deter the fun I was going to have exploring a place I have yet to visit.

My friend and I decided to join a tour offered by the guesthouse we were staying in. We met another Filipina on her first long-term trip abroad. Yehey to new friends on the road!

The first destination was a garden full of insects and other animals. I'm not fond of insects, but I recognize their importance to the ecosystem.

There were cute turtles in the garden as well.

You could easily mistake these insects as part of a plant! 


Tea Plantations

The beautiful tea plantations is one of the main reasons why I visited Cameron Highlands.

Looking at stretches of rolling green hills were simply amazing. Learning about the history of the plantations and how the tea was made was icing on the cake.

Our crew of Turks, Brits, Singaporeans, and Filipinos all got to sample some delicious tea from one of Malaysia's biggest tea producers. The tea was delicious and worth the trip!

Mossy Forest

The highlight of my trip to Cameron Highlands was the Mossy Forest.

I was starting to warm-up because of the short trek through this surreal forest. The vegetation that clung onto the branches of the plants and trees was something.

There was a certain kind of mystery about the way the mist wrapped its fingers in the forest. Our guide was knowledgeable about the forest and gave interesting and funny tidbits not only about the forest but also about the tourists that visit! He made fun of some tourists stopping to take pictures while hugging the trees or at every stop during the trek, it was quite funny.

Stereotype Asian with peace sign pose!


The short trek through the mossy forest was quite an experience. It was not a rigorous trekking activity but a good day out to see nature's wonders.

Not a very good picture of myself eating chocolate-covered strawberries.
It began to rain hard when we left the forest. Our group had to make a long stopover at a strawberry farm and small museum that displayed Cameron Highland's history. The chocolate-covered strawberries were quite delicious!

*The tour costs around MYR 50 excluding entrance fees and food.


  1. How much do you usually spend when you visit Malaysia?

  2. @perils: that will depend on what you do, If you're on a budget, somewhere between 1,000-1,500 per day is more than enough :D