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Exploring Roxas City after Typhoon Ruby

An unfortunate turn of events sort of ruined my trip around the island of Panay. Bad weather is not in anyone's control so I just took in stride and figured out what I could do after a deadly storm passed over the island. I wanted to explore the attractions of Capiz outside Roxas City, but the devastation that the storm left behind made it difficult. So I was left with exploring Roxas City and its nearby attractions during my stay in Capiz.

Exploring Roxas City

Osmena Ancestral House

Roxas City is filled with history and delicious seafood. One of the most prominent figures in Philippine history lived in this city. Former President Roxas once called Roxas City his home.

Santa Monica Church

The Santa Monica church is another landmark that you can visit while in Roxas City.

The church is a symbol of the Hispanic influence in the province.

The bell found in Santa Monica church is the biggest in the region.

You can see vestiges of Spanish architecture while visiting this church. The church is approximately 20 minutes away from the city plaza one way.

Baybay Beach

Baybay beach is a nearby beach destination in the city. Although it does not have fine, white sand like in many postcard worthy destinations in the Philippines, it is a good place to walk around in and eat delicious seafood by the beach or even take a dip into its cool waters.

As you can see, typhoon Ruby made its presence felt in the city.

Seafood Galore

A trip to Roxas City would be incomplete without stuffing your gut with seafood. Dubbed as the seafood capital of the Philippines, you can eat a wide variety of seafood at an affordable price. Most of the restaurants along the beach offer huge servings of seafood, normally good for 3-4 people. I was traveling by myself so the shrimp sinigang I ordered was good enough for lunch and dinner. The sinigang cost me around P200 to P250, so if you split that 3-4 ways, you get to save a lot of money.

City Plaza

Mass just right after Typhoon Ruby ravaged the region.
The city plaza is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the city. This is where most of the special gatherings occur and where most people hang out.

The place lit up on the last night I was in the city (Dec. 8, 2014). There was supposed to be a festival but the storm delayed the plans made by the city.

Every possible seat and standing room were used for this tricycle ride between municipalities in Roxas City.
Despite the powerful storm that hit the province, everything seemed normal just the day after the storm passed by. The city's ability to get back on its feet after the storm was on full display. I would love to return to Capiz just to see more of its beautiful sites, maybe next time when the weather is better.


  1. What a very historic place. I never been to Capiz and now i think should checj it out next. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I'll be visiting Capiz this coming May and it's good to know that the place and the people are doing okay. Excited to try some seafood! A colleague told me that a bucket of oysters is at P30 only!