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Jaisalmer: The City that Glitters Like Gold

Jaisalmer is a laid back town with unique, golden structures that make it my favorite place in Rajasthan. The streets are lined with golden structures that vary in shades as the sun hits its peak till it sets. The historical streets and fort are brimming with life that must have been around for decades. All these make Jaisalmer a fun town to walk around and get lost in.

Exploring the Golden City of Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer is also known as the 'Golden City', the city's moniker is well suited because of the many yellow stone buildings and structures scattered throughout town. The small town feel is very different from what I've experienced in Jaipur, Delhi, Agra, and Kolkata. Jaisalmer is probably the smallest town I've been to during my month long trip around India.

I liked small towns, because you don't get bothered as much and there is fewer pressure coming from shopkeepers jaded by tourism.

Jaisalmer is named after Maharawal Jaisal Singh, the rajput king who founded the city in 1150AD.

I really liked the golden-hued structures all over the city it adds to the desert experience. There were quite a number of restored buildings. I assumed that some of these buildings were owned by people who had a high standing in society. The pretty buildings maintained their distinctly 'maharaja-like' exterior.

Most of Jaisalmer residents are considered as Bhati Rajputs. The first rulers of Jaisalmer claimed that there forefathers were descendents of Lord Krishna. The strategic location of the city as a main route for caravans heading to Persia, Egypt, Delhi, and other cities made Jaisalmer and its rulers rich.

There wasn't much to do in the city itself, but I kind of liked it that way. There wasn't much hustle and bustle, and there were just a number of tourists, just the way I like it. As in other places in India, the tiny spaces between the buildings and houses are quite interesting. 

There were plenty of stores selling all sorts of souvenirs, blankets, scarves, shirts, and usual tourist fare from dirt cheap to exorbitant prices.

Overlooking view of the city in all its golden glory.
Jaisalmer is the kind of chill, culturally-rich, and historic city that I would love to explore and return to if given the chance.

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