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Jaisalmer Fort: Rising Above the Desert

Jaisalmer is by far my favorite city in India. It's laid back ambiance, unique landscapes, and friendly people made me want to stay longer, but alas I couldn't stretch my stay longer because we had train tickets out of the city booked. But during my trip in Jaisalmer, I managed to explore one of the many majestic forts in the region.

Jaisalmer Fort: Rising Above the Desert

Jaisalmer Fort is one of the biggest forts in the world. The fort was built in 1156 by Rawal Jaisal. The golden sandstone of the fort glistens during the day and turns honey-colored as the sun sets. The fort's golden hue has given it the moniker Golden Fort or Sonar Quila. The fort towers over the city and the Thar Desert as it sits atop Trikuta Hill.

The fort is already impressive on the outside, I was even more impressed with what I saw as I made my way through the fort.

There was an intricate and impressive Jain Temple inside the fort. The carvings on the temple reminded me so much of Cambodia.

There were quite a number of elaborate houses just inside the fort. The intricate and detailed work of the balconies and even the doorways were quite a delight to ooohh and ahhh at.

Despite the ruinous state of some of the structures inside the fort, I was still impressed. I saw the same kind of structures in the city as I did in the fort.

Walking through the narrow alleys gave me a sense of what the fort was like now and in the past. The vendors were not as pesky as in other big Indian cities.

There were a few view points as you explore the fort. The view of the city in all its golden glory was a sight to behold.

This fort isn't just some ancient monument that housed artifacts with hired staff that act like they were from the era during the fort's heyday. Sonar Quila is alive with local people, it has a vibrant yet relaxed atmosphere. My friend and I didn't visit during peak season, maybe that's why there were very few tourists.

There were more impressive havelis and structures as we explored the fort.

Marketing at its finest I suppose...
I would highly recommend a visit to Jaisalmer Fort while in town. It's vibrant streets, rich culture and history, and beautiful design are just a handful of reasons to explore what lies inside the fort.

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