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Beach Vibes in Patar, Bolinao

The most popular destination in this side of Pangasinan is Alaminos, because of Hundred Islands, but Bolinao is also worth a look for beach goers who want a quick, weekend respite from the bustle of Metro Manila

Patar Beach


The sand on Patar may not be white and fine, but its golden skin will do just fine. I went on a short beach weekend getaway with a friend to explore a province I have not been to since I was a small child. With plenty of beaches in the Philippines, who's complaining about the texture and color of the sand?

Since it was a weekend, the beach was filled with beach goers. The accessibility of Patar Beach make it a popular destination for locals. Many locals troop to the beach, with some bringing their own tents or sleeping in vans.

Taking a dip in its waters and walking on its golden sand was worth the long trip from Metro Manila.

Rock Formations

Other than beach bumming, there are some beautiful rock formations along the same coastline in Patar. The stunning rock formations jutted out and formed different shapes.

There was a small beach and a handful of huts that lined the front for visitors. This is also a great place to take sunset photos, if you have the time to wait for it.

There was a pool-like area where people can swim and wade around. The waves were quite strong for poor swimmers to be venturing out too far. This area is definitely less crowded compared to Patar Beach, it's more my kind of place, where I could just kick back, relax and enjoy nature.

This was a chill trip as I was looking forward to not rushing through places. Relaxing on the beach and enjoying nature provided a good respite from the bustle of office life and the crazy traffic of the metro.

How to Get to Bolinao and Patar Beach

I took the air con bus from Cubao station all the way to Bolinao station for around P462 one way. From the station, there are tricycles that will take you to Patar Beach for around P200 one way. 

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  1. I love Patar's balance of beady, pink sand with interesting coral rock formations, especially those that jut out of the beachfront. I even climbed one big rock formation that sits near the beachfront of my booked resort in the farthest stretch of the newly constructed road.