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Getting Cultured in Kochi

I only stayed for a few days in Kerala, specifically Kochi, but that didn't stop me from experiencing some of its culture.

Dance, Dance, Dance


The Kathakali is a drama-dance famous for the intricate and colorful make-up and costumes used by the performers. Each movement and facial expression depicting a gamut of emotions. The Kathakali traces its origins around 1500 years ago.

Part of the show was the putting on of make-up. The artists were quite meticulous about every detail just before the show began.

Here are some videos of the dance:


The Mohiniyattam is a classical dance believed to have traced its origins in the 16th century. It is recognized as a graceful dance meant to be performed solo by women.

This dance involves gentle side to side movements at an erect posture and a swaying of the hips.

Here's a short video:


As a former martial arts practitioner, I found the Kalaripayattu fantastic! This form of martial arts is considered as one of the oldest in the world, dating back to the 13th century. This art form involves striking, grappling, set forms, kicks, and use of various weapons. There are regional variants of this martial art depending on position in Kerala.

Here are a few videos of the performance:

The informative shows gave me a glimpse of the art and culture of this region in India. Too bad my friend and I stayed only for a few days in Kochi and missed out on exploring the entire region. More reasons to come back next time.

*I paid INR 400 for the three shows in one of the cultural centers in Fort Kochi.

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