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Chasing Lakes and Waterfalls in Occidental Mindoro

After hitting the beach, we decided to explore some of the waterfalls and countryside of Occidental Mindoro. The adventure may have been tiring, but it was worth the aches and pains our bodies felt.

Chilling by a Lake

The first stop of our sojourn around the countryside was Panikian Lake. There really wasn't much to do there other than chill and enjoy nature. I enjoyed the drive we took to get to this lake, it was typically rural, just like any other province in the Philippines. Th nipa huts, small farms and verdant hills were simple joys that I always like to see whenever I travel through the Philippine countryside.

The placid waters of the lake were perfect for contemplation. There was no other tourists there besides our small group of three including the driver/guide we hired. We enjoyed the breeze and the accompanying small talk. This was the perfect prelude to the adventure we were about to embark on when we got to the jump-off point of the waterfalls.

Chasing Waterfalls

Our driver and guide parked what seemed like in the middle of nowhere, we went on foot from there.

Patches of brown mixed with green as we made our way through Mindoro's countryside. The sun's rays were beating down on us, the heat was bearable as it was no longer summer.

The trip to the waterfalls was quite and adventure; we went through thick bushes, vines, climbed up fallen trees and knee-deep rivers that had a current strong enough to knock a person off-balance. There was no sign of a trail to our destination, and I felt like we got lost a few times.

I told our guide, "kuya sa gubat na naman tayo dadaan?"

The trail and some of the forested parts obviously did not experience a lot of foot traffic, making the trip more difficult than it should be. However, the adventurous side of me was happy that very few people visited the place.

After roughing it out, we finally made it to the first falls on our itinerary, Malsaygon Falls.

The cool waters doused the heat and sweat we felt on our journey to the falls. It was nice that we were the only ones there, no other tourists and very few trash. It was like a secret hiding place of intimate friends. We spent almost an hour just relaxing, enjoying nature and the cool breeze.

The trip back to the main road was easier since our guide was already familiar with the trail. I really felt like we got lost a few times on our trip to the falls, at least our guide kept his cool and did not show any signs of lost confidence.

The last falls, Pandurucan, was easier to get to since we no longer had to go through rivers or forested areas. The refreshing, cool waters were a fine way to end this adventure through the countryside and the road less traveled in Mindoro.

*My friend and I paid P625 each for the driver/guide we hired in town.

You can contact Kuya Rudy through 09084752370 if you want to explore the countryside, he will take you to the lakes, waterfalls and other places of interest.

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