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Pandan Island: A Tropical Destination

Our trip to Occidental Mindoro was a we'll just wing it trip because our supposed trip to Apayao did not push through because of inclement weather. I only found out that the latter trip was cancelled when I already got home from work at around 8PM. My friend and I decided to go to the former on a whim with little to no planning.

Chilling at the Beach

It took around eight to nine hours before we made it to Sablayan. With not much sleep, my friend and I decided to hit the ground running and look for a boat that will take us to Apo Reef. However, there was no other group heading to the famous diving destination so we settled for a trip to Pandan Island. Things will not go as planned all the time, thankfully, our itinerary and schedule was flexible.

After a short boat ride, we were finally at Pandan Island. The clear waters and white sand rejuvenated our tired bodies. I was ready to do nothing but chill and enjoy the water.

There were very few tourists during our visit, we practically had the beach to ourselves! I took my time exploring the small island.

Snorkeling spots are just a few meters away from the shore, locals say that you can see turtles swimming around, if you are patient enough and swim far enough.

My friend and I talked about anything from the mundane to the profound as we watch the waves recede and climb up the beach. Pandan Island is the perfect place to just chill and do nothing, or just talk.

There is a resort that offers food and accommodation on the island but we chose to do just a day trip to save money. Pandan Island is small, so it won't take much time to explore it.

How to Get to Pandan Island

We paid P250 each (P500 total) for two to get to the island. There are several boats waiting by the port that takes eager tourists to Pandan Island. There is also a P205 fee to enter the island.

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