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Coron Revisited: Seeing Something New in Something Old

I have been to Coron back in 2013, it has been more than two years since my last visit. It may not seem like a long time, but to put things in perspective, I've been to other beaches in Southeast Asia. This allowed me to see something new in something that I have been to before.

Something Feels Different

I've been to other beaches in different parts of Southeast Asia, I think that my previous trips helped me get a different perspective of how I see our own destinations. Other places are just as beautiful, but I discovered a new found feeling of thankfulness that we have places in our own country worth telling the world about.

As the van drove toward and entered Coron Town, a lot of the construction that went on two years ago finally finished. Despite the minor changes, everything about the town seemed the same. I liked how despite its popularity, Coron still had that small town feel.

Mt. Tapyas

My sister and I went up Mt. Tapyas just to see the view and the sunset.

Kayangan Lake

Our guide told us that Kayangan Lake no longer held the title of cleanest lake, it now belonged to Barracuda Lake. Even if it lost its number 1 status, I still liked Kayangan Lake, yes I'm a nostalgic person (haha).

The crowds did not subtract from the beauty of Kayangan Lake, it was just the way I remembered it. The cerulean waters, the towering tear-like limestone formations and the iconic rock, sights that I would keep coming back to.

Twin Lagoon

The boat trip towards the different destinations are part of the adventure. As soon as our boat docked, I noticed that the wooden walkway used to enter the lagoon was no longer there. Our guide told us that Typhoon Haiyan completely destroyed it.

There's nothing like a beautiful lagoon to brighten up your day.

I never get old of the beauty of the tropics.

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Chilling by the Beach

Part of the reason I like traveling is meeting other travelers. I got to meet wanderers from Morocco, Australia, Spain and others. It's always nice to hear travel stories from others and help them out with their trip.

Coron may have been a place I've been to not too long ago, but having been to other places made me think and put things in perspective. I'd say I was a bit different from where I was when the travel bug bit me a few years back.

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