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Chill Spot in El Nido: SPIN Designer Hostel

El Nido is a backpacker's haven because of the beautiful islands off its coast. However, it's idyllic town is slowly transforming into a tourist hotspot with many establishments on the rise. One such place to chill in is SPIN Designer Hostel; this accommodation is a dream of weary backpackers looking for good value.


SPIN Hostel isn't your typical backpacker dorm in El Nido, compared to older ones such as Our Melting Pot and Hakuna Matata. This hostel is more upscale with a distinct hotel-like ambiance, but still keeps its laid back ambiance.

The most eye catching part of the hostel is the common area. It resembles a bird's nest (el nido); the design isn't just beautiful, it also has a practical purpose. It allows for good air circulation, making the lounge area airy and comfortable.

The hostel hangout area is pretty cool, with plenty of quirky chairs to sit on. It's the perfect place to kick back, read, or socialize with other travelers. SPIN knows how to create ambiance, which is a definite plus for small groups or solo travelers.

There's a guitar and a few games for travelers who want to break the ice or friends who just want to chill.

There's another common area just outside, this has a mini bar and a place to drink in, if guests want to do their drinking in the hostel premises instead of the bars in town. Guests can also hangout here while eating.

The kitchen and sink were just as quirky as the design and furniture. The hostel provides guests with everything they need for a comfortable stay in El Nido.

Rating: 5/5

Bedroom and Bathroom

The dorm room was spacious, even if the locker occupies a huge chunk of it. The beds were big enough for two people, which is a definite plus.

One of the problems I often encounter staying in dorms locally and internationally are the lack of shower rooms, toilets and sinks. SPIN provides plenty of these, so there are no long queues throughout the day. Additionally, the shower rooms were spacious, there's a small seating area to put your stuff on and a glass divider. These are little things that go a long way in making a guest feel comfortable.

Rating: 4.5/5


To spice things up, the hostel has some activities for guests. They host movie and karaoke nights, and have pub crawls. Plus, they have their own equipment!

Rating: 4.5/5


SPIN Hostel provides hotel level service despite positioning itself as a backpacker hostel. There is a guard or two around the premises, plenty of staff doing the little things, and everyone working there seems to be friendly with a ready smile. You rarely see these in hostels or any backpacker accommodation.

I really love the complimentary breakfast they serve. Guests can get multiple pancakes slathered in chocolate syrup or others, get an omelette, some fruits, coffee, tea, bread and others. For the price you pay, the hostel is definitely good value.

Rating: 4.5/5


SPIN Hostel is in town, but it's a bit far from many establishments. The town is small and most places are within walking distance, but the location of the hostel, isn't exactly central.

Rating: 3.5/5


SPIN Hostel is on the higher end of pricing in El Nido, for the price of dorm bed at P1,000 per night, you can already book a private room elsewhere. There are cheaper options in town, but the hostel provides the total package. The price is justified because of the service, facilities and ambiance. This accommodation is close to hotel level. If you are on a budget, then this isn't the dorm bed for you.

Rating: 4/5

Would I recommend SPIN Hostel?

Of course, I recommend SPIN in El Nido. If you are willing to spend more on good accommodation, this hostel is for you. However, if you are on a budget, best look elsewhere as SPIN is expensive even if you book just a dorm bed.

Contact Details

Address: El Nido, Balinsasayaw Road cor. Calle Real, El Nido, Palawan, Philippines
Website: http://spinhostel.com/

*DISCLAIMER: This is a sponsored post but views and opinions are my own.

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