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Exploring Honda Bay

I've been to both El Nido and Coron, but have yet to explore the nearby destinations in Puerto Princesa. For this trip to my favorite island, I finally go to explore Honda Bay. Despite the bad weather, the trip went well and I had a good time.

Pambato Reef

Photo c/o Fidel Pacia
The first stop of the Honda Bay tour was Pambato Reef to see colorful fish and corals. Our group was fortunate enough to arrive early before the weather went bad to worse. After swimming around and keeping our heads in the water, the rain started to fall. It wasn't just a drizzle but as the cliche goes, it was raining cats and dogs. There was minimal visibility and we could barely see anything below us anymore. Thankfully, we were just about to leave when it rained.

Luli Island

Our next destination was Luli Island.

Luli Island got its name because part of it appears and re-appears depending on whether it is high or low tide.

Photo c/o Fidel Pacia
My initial impression of the Honda Bay tour was that the places were more commercialized compared to the islands I've been to in El Nido and Coron. The more developed a destination is, the more likely it will have droves of people going to it from all ages. There was a diving board, designated swimming area and huts where visitors can cook and eat.

Photo c/o Fidel Pacia
Despite the commercialization of the island, there were still places to take awesome pictures of the lulubog-lilitaw island.

Cowrie Island

The weather got worse when we left Luli Island on the way to Cowrie. Our group decided to make the next island our last stop.

Cowrie Island was bigger and more developed compared to Luli. It had a restaurant and stalls that sold food and drinks. However, I still enjoyed swimming and bumming on the beach despite the rain.

The skies cleared after 20 minutes or so on the island. The emerald, glass-like waters revealed itself when the sun came out. More people came as the day went on, but I could still find a few spots to just swim around in and not be bothered by the crowds.

Despite the commercialization and bad weather, I still enjoyed my trip to the destinations in Honda Bay. Our guide was friendly and accommodating, she made sure all our needs were met and gave enough information about the places we visited. The lunch was filling and re-energizing after exploring the three destinations.

Honda Bay is a good introduction to the islands of Palawan, but honestly, it isn't as beautiful as the ones you'll see in El Nido or Coron. This is a good alternative if you can't or haven't been to the latter two.

Tours & Information Details

If you want to book a tour for Honda Bay, the Underground River or other places, contact Fidel Pacia. He's a tour guide in Puerto Princesa who can assist you and make recommendations.

*DISCLAIMER: This is a sponsored post but thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. I agree with you that Coron is more beautiful. The seascapes are just amazing! Fidel is a great guide. He's accommodating and very responsive. You can book him at: https://sunnytrip.ph/guide/fidel-pacia-jr .