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Travel Guide: Yehliu Geopark

One of the day trips you can do from the bustling city of Taipei is Yehliu Geopark. It has distinct rock formations and a unique landscape. I decided to go during my trip to Taiwan, despite the gloomy weather.

Exploring the Park

There were a lot of tourists at the park, but I didn't let that spoil my trip. It was also a nice and cold day, but not raining, which was a plus.

The walk through the park was scenic, mostly on flat, paved platforms, characteristic of many parks not just here in Taiwan but in mainland China as well. You'll see a variety of sedimentary rocks as you walk around.

The rocks take on different shapes and sizes, you'll have to use your imagination to make them out. Some of them looked like mushrooms and honeycombs to me.

There was a huge crowd when I went to the park, couldn't really get a good angle of anything without people lingering in the frame.

Regardless of the crowd, the park was still a good day out for me. The weather was gloomy as well, but I'll take it. There are a handful of places to explore in the park, if you're patient enough, you might find a place where you can enjoy nature and the park's ruggedness.

How to get to the geopark from Taipei

The geopark is accessible by public transportation (to and from it), which makes it a good place to go to for budget travelers like myself. The entrance fee is NT$ 80 per person. Board a bus at Taipei Main Station (West Bus Station Terminal A), the bus will drop you off near the park's entrance. The fare is NT$ 96 per person. You can read my budget and itinerary for Taipei for more information about my trip.

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