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Terelj National Park

It was our last night camping during our 7 days trip to and from the Gobi Desert. Terelj National Park was the final stop; I couldn't help but feel sad that our trip was about to come to an end. I made the most out of it and enjoyed each remaining moment.

Camping at Terelj

The landscape was already covered in snow when our group arrived at the park. For someone from the tropics, the snow-covered rock formations, mountains and roads were quite something to behold. Like many places in the country, I liked the long drives to and from places, and this one was no exception.

All smiles even if it was freezing
Our first stop was Turtle Rock, and if you look at the rock formation closely, it does resemble a turtle.

The sun was setting when we got to the campsite; it was more developed compared to the ones we've stayed in during the entire trip. There was electricity, bathrooms (not currently used because of the season), different types of lodging along the way and better roads and trails. However, these developments didn't detract from the experience and the beautiful views. The way the light fell on the rock formations and mountains were nice, especially just before sunset. Nature and landscape photographers would love Mongolia.

I always thought of camels as creatures of the desert, but it seems like anything's possible in Mongolia's climate (haha).

The next day was reserved for horse riding for a little under one hour. It was a so-so experience because it was only in a straight line and then back to camp.

I couldn't stop taking pictures of the picturesque landscape covered in snow. Even if it was cloudy, it was still nice.

The Temple

We had time to spare on our way to the Chinggis Khan Statue, so we decided to visit a temple near the camp site. There were a lot of signs with quotes in them about the practices and tenets of Buddhism.

The temple's location is perfect, serene and has a middle-of-nowhere feel. The surrounding landscape was simply beautiful.

Terelj National Park is worth an overnight trip from the city, especially if you don't have much time or don't want to spend too much during your stay. When I visited, it was already winter, so it was cold from morning until night, expect temperatures to hover near 0 or negative.

Where to Stay and Book a Camping Trip

I booked the trip with UB Guesthouse, they offer camping trips for around US$55 per day but that price will depend on the size of the group going. The less people joining the more expensive it will be. They also offer day trips to Terelj. A bed in the dorm costs around US$8 per night and includes breakfast. You can send them an email ubguest@hotmail.com for more information.

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