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A Glimpse of History at the Tsaritsyno Estate

I was in Moscow for a few days and was looking to kill time before my night train to Veliky Novgorod. I found out about the Tsaritsyno Estate after searching online and decided to just go.

The Estate

This estate and park in Moscow has a history that dates back to the 17th century. It went by a different name then, which was Chyornaya Gryaz. At one time this estate was the property of Tsaritsa Irina Fyodorovna.

In the 1770s, Catherine the Great decided to purchase the estate and commissioned Vasily Bazhenov to develop it. She also had the property renamed to 'Tsaritsyno.' After the Grand Palace's completion in the 1780s, the empress had it demolished. In 1786, she hired a different architect to build a new centerpiece. However, with Catherine's death in the 1790s, the supposedly new palace was left unfinished. Fast forward to the 2000s, the local government led by Mayor Yuri Luzhkov had the Grand Palace restored.

The palace has a beautiful exterior, picturesque and majestic in its appearance.

I took my time exploring the park, took photos and also went to the other buildings in the estate.

The Grand Palace is home to various exhibits such as Soviet and Western European (17th to 18th century) tapestries, the history of Empress Catherine's reign and others.

The interior was impressive, just like the other palaces I've been to in Russia.

The sprawling estate has a nice park to walk around in, an ideal spot to get away from the hustle and bustle of the urban jungle. A lot of local also visit Tsaritsyno. I would recommend this attraction for those who are staying in Moscow.

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How to Get to the Tsaritsyno Estate

The Tsaritsyno Estate is accessible via public transport, the nearest metro stations are Tsaritsyno or Orekhovo.


RUB350 - Entrance for the Grand Palace and the Bread House

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