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Top Things to Do in Wuhan

Wuhan doesn't have the name recall of both Beijing and Shanghai, but it has its own charm and historical significance that make it a worthwhile destination. Here are some of the top things to do for your planned visit.

Top Things to Do Wuhan

Hubei Provincial Museum

The Hubei Provincial Museum is home to around 200,000 artifacts that date back to China's ancient past. Here you'll learn more about the region's history and how it was used a foundation to make the city what it is today. The main draw of the museum is the centuries old bronze bells. There is a performance sing a replica of the chime bells in the music hall in the museum complex.

Entrance Fee: Museum is free, CNY30 for the performance

Yellow Crane Tower

The Yellow Crane Tower is an iconic landmark in Wuhan. The tower has a long, storied and complicated history that spans different epochs. It was first built in the Three Kingdoms Period by the King of Wu during his reign. It's initial use was a military tower because of its ideal location. Centuries came and went and it became the subject of poems. It then underwent multiple reconstructions and renovations during the Qing and Ming Dynasties. It was completely destroyed in the 1880s and was only rebuilt again in the 1980s.

Entrance Fee: CNY70


Wuhan does not only have a rich historical and cultural heritage, it also has delicious cuisine. Its position at a confluence between two rivers made its food delectable and diverse. Hubu Alley is a famous destination to just eat and go on a culinary adventure. One dish you shouldn't miss is the 'regan mian) or hot dry noodles. You'll also find a variety of steamed dishes, fish, vegetable and meat dishes.

Walk Around Zhongshan Street

Wuhan's rich historical heritage gave it a unique old and new, and east and west appeal. You'll find remnants of the Western concessions in different parts of the city. One place to get a glimpse of this eclectic mix is along Zhongshan Street. This commercial district has pedestrian lanes, beautiful buildings and structures, shops and restaurants.

Enjoy the City Lights

The city takes on a different personality at night, buildings are lit up in various colors. Enjoy the beautiful cityscape during your visit.

Watch Zhiyinhao

Your trip to Wuhan can become a nostalgic trip, especially when you watch Zhiyinhao. This theatrical performance will dazzle spectators with its production. It mixes technology with great acting and a story about the lives of people living in the city decades ago. Visitor can enter different rooms and hear the stories about the person occupying it. You'll also see performers in various spots in the boat, you can also listen to their story.

East Lake

East Lake provides visitors with a green space amid the sprawling, urban jungle. It has four scenic areas where you can go biking or take a leisurely stroll. Drop by to relax and unwind before exploring the city again.

Yangtze River Bridge

This engineering wonder is the first highway-railway bridge over the Yangtze River. You'll see the hustle and bustle of river and road traffic at the base of the bridge. You'll also get beautiful views of Wuhan's own bund (similar to one you'll see in Shanghai).

*DISCLAIMER: I was part of a familiarization trip around Wuhan.

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