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Day Trip to Rostov Veliky

Rostov Veliky is one of the Golden Ring Cities that I was interested in visiting. During my few days stay in Yaroslavl, I decided to visit it as a day trip.

Golden Ring City

I waited for better weather (it had been snowing, overcast with a mix of rain) before deciding to go to Rostov Veliky. The sky cleared a bit after a day of inclement weather. Thankfully, despite the language barrier (I didn't see other foreigner tourists during my stay in Yaroslavl), it was easy to find out how to get to Rostov Veliky. I boarded the bus that would take me to the city I wanted to visit (after getting lost haha).

The drive was quite scenic; I look countryside trips in between destinations, they provide me with a glimpse of real life outside the eyes of a tourist. The urban sprawl characterized by monotonous concrete blocks, fast food chains and old churches turned into factories and plains. I didn't notice the time pass by until the driver pulled over at a small bus station. He told me this was my stop.

I scanned the area to know which way I should go to reach the Kremlin. There were hardly any signs in English to direct me where to go, luckily there was a person that knew enough English to point me in the right direction.

I walked from the station to the Kremlin, following the road that cut through one part of the ancient city. I passed by shops, restaurants and old buildings. As I approached my destination, I saw the usual onion-shaped domes peeking out of the heads of houses and structures surrounding it. There were ancient churches (which appeared they were no longer in use) next to rows of souvenir shops and little cafes.

terrible selfies ahah

Rostov Veliky has a history that dates all the way back to the 9th century, when it was still a small town with a ruler that had grand plans. Rostov soon rose in wealth, prominence and influence over the centuries since its establishment.

With its wealth came the construction of the city's most famous attraction, the Kremlin. Metropolitan Iona Sysoevich of Rostov and Yaroslavl had the complex built in the 1670s until the 1680s a his residence. In the 18th century, the Kremlin was left in disrepair. Fast forward to today, the complex is now well-maintained with some of its buildings currently under construction.

The towering and beautiful Dormition Cathedral dominates all the other buildings in the complex. The current structure you'll see was built from 1508 to 1512, the cathedral you'll see is actually its fourth iteration, but managed to keep its ancient appearance.

I walked around the complex to soak in its history, I imagined what it was like during its halcyon days. Locals came and went, trying to learn more about their past and culture.

I took my time walking around the complex before deciding to leave. I left with a bit more knowledge about the country's rich historical heritage that spans several centuries. As I walked out of the Kremlin, I was more eager to explore the other Golden Ring Cities of Russia.

How to Get to Rostov Veliky

Expenses (everything's in Russian Rubles)

120 - Mini bus fare from Yaroslav to Rostov Veliky
100 - Bus from Rostov Veliky to Yaroslavl
50 - Entrance fee for the Kremlin

The one way ride from Yaroslavl to Rostov is approximately an hour and a half. The return trip takes the same amount of time.

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