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Quick Trip to Stolby Nature Reserve

By On March 31, 2019
I was in Krasnoyarsk for a day and a half, with the short time I had there I decided to visit Stolby Nature Reserve.

Travel Guide Budget and Itinerary for Moscow

By On March 26, 2019
Moscow is Russia's capital; this city has a storied past, beautiful buildings and churches, and has everything you need from a bustling concrete jungle. I was here for around 5 days and felt that I needed more time to see everything.

How to Get a Chinese Visa for Filipinos

By On March 17, 2019
China is a big country that requires multiple trips to see it in its entirety. The country has a rich culture and a storied past that dates back centuries. I've been to the country multiple times and have cumulatively stayed the longest here compared to the other countries I've been to. If you are a Filipino passport holder, here's how you get a Chinese tourist visa.

How to Get a Russian Visa for Filipinos

By On March 08, 2019
Russia is a beautiful country with a rich culture and history. It's actually quite easy to get a visa it only seems daunting. I managed to get one without any problems.

Here's how I got my Russian visa with a Filipino passport.

Quick Guide: Himeji Castle

By On March 03, 2019
Japan is one of my favorite countries, this is why I keep returning. For my most current trip, I made sure to include Himeji Castle in my itinerary.



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