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8 Views that Will Make You Visit Batanes Now

Batanes was high on my domestic travel bucket list. I finally had the chance of visiting this province. What caught my attention during the trip was the stunning vistas and beautiful landscapes. In my opinion and travels around Asia and the Philippines, what I saw in Batanes was some of the best I've seen.

If you haven't been to Batanes, here are some of the views that will make you decide to go.

Vayang Rolling Hills

Located in Basco, the Vayang Rolling Hills provide fetching views of the countryside. It's easy to access by private vehicle. The trails are also easy to walk on, you don't need much effort to see the beauty of this part of Batanes. This is a good place to take photos.

Valugan Boulder Beach

Another destination in Batan and Basco, Valugan Boulder Beach may not have the white sand of many popular spots in the country, but it has boulders and rocks of varying sizes lining its shore. You'll also see rugged, but beautiful cliffs and hills, these complete the landscape. Many say the best time for photography is during sunrise.

Chawa View Deck

Batanes doesn't seem to run out of beautiful views. This destination is part of a South Batan route in Batan. Simply put, the vistas are stunning. The sea and the cliffs display the raw beauty of the province.

Alapad Hill and Rock Formations

This attraction in Batan provides stunning views of the countryside and rock formations. The area is also one of the sets of the movie "Hihintayin Kita sa Langit" starring Richard Gomez and Dawn Zulueta.

Racuh a Payaman (Marlboro Hills)

Batanes offers plenty of rolling hills and pastureland, one of which is Marlboro Country. The viewpoint provides 360 views of the landscape. You'll see green with a mix of blue as far as your eyes could see. During your trip here, you'll see plenty of carabaos.

Chamantad Viewpoint

Located in Sabtang, this viewpoint is the best one for me. It has a bit of everything, hills, rock formations and views of the sea. There are different spots to see the landscape, and each one provides a unique perspective. If not for the scorching heat, I would've loved to stay a bit longer.

Morong Beach and Natural Arch

Situated in Sabtang, this beach has a beautiful shoreline and enticing turquoise waters. Its most striking feature is the natural arch. It is a famous spot for photos.

Diura Fisherman's Village

You'll find the Diura Fishing Village in Mahatao. Other than the village, the landscape and sea views from here are beautiful.

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Where to Stay

You can find budget accommodation in Batanes or if you have a bit more to spend, hotels that are mid-priced and higher.

Getting Around Batanes

By Tricycle

You can hire a tricycle to take you around the island from P1000 to P1500 for two depending on your itinerary.

By Bicycle

There are mountain bikes for rent at around P600 to P1000 a day.

By Tour

For a hassle-free experience, you can just get a package to see the province's attractions. Book with Wakay Tours, you can contact them through:

*DISCLAIMER: These places were part of the itinerary during a Tourism Promotions Board of the Philippines trip I was part of.

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