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Top Attractions in Calayan

Calayan Island is an adventure destination because of its remoteness and rugged landscapes. Electricity isn't even 24 hours yet and there are only few accommodation options. For those that make the trip, they will be surprised at what the island has to offer.

If you're planning to visit Calayan, here are attractions you shouldn't miss.

Sibang Cove

Sibang Cove s raw but beautiful. The towering rock formations lining its shore, creamy and power-like sand, and turquoise waters will make you stop and stare for a moment.

The waves can get rough, but the water is swimmable, just be cautious when taking a dip because there is no lifeguard on site.

Sibang Cove is a must for beach lovers, include this in your itinerary when you visit.

Nagudungan Hill

Nagudungan Hill is within walking distance from Sibang Cove, and is a high point that allows visitors to get sweeping, 360, overlooking views of the surroundings.

As I walked up the hill, I got to see the beach and the emerald waters. I had to stop for a while to just admire the views.

The views from the hill were nothing short of spectacular. You could see the wave-like shape the rock formations took. This was probably shaped over billions of years.

You could get different vantage points when you walk around the hill.

Lussok Cave

We had to board a small speedboat used by the coastguard to reach our next destination, Lussok Cave.

The small cave has a natural pool inside where visitors can swim and douse the sweltering heat.

Bataraw Waterfall

Bataraw Waterfall is easily accessible via a short hike. The cool waters are refreshing especially after a long day of exploring Calayan.

Caanawan Waterfall

This waterfall is accessible via a short walk through an easy trail. Once you reach the pool, go on in to wash off the sweat and dirt, and to cool off. Stand under one of the falls for a 'shower.'

Calayan has a rough and rugged appeal, and its bucolic ambiance is quite charming.

Getting to Calayan

By Bus and Boat

Buses from Metro Manila regularly travel to Tuguegarao; the ticket is approximately P886 to P1150+++ per way. Once in Tuguegarao, get on a bus traveling to Claveria, this costs P250 and the ride takes around 6 hours.

You can board a bus bound for Claveria from Sampaloc, Manila. Florida Bus and RCI Bus Line ply this route; a ticket is around P800.

Once in Claveria, get on a ‘lampitaw’ to the island, this costs around P500 to P600. The ride can last 6 or more hours depending on the weather. Expect to get wet during the trip so secure your belongings in a dry bag or cover them.

By Plane

Calayan now has its own airport that was completed in March 27, 2019. Visitors can hope for regular flights to the island soon. We took a plane from Calayan for our trip to Batanes.


There aren't a lot of places to stay on the island, here are just a few of them:
  • TPS Homestay – P300 and P500 (non-ac and air-con room respectively)
  • Villa Inocencia Inn – P250 per person
  • Pagdagusan Homestay – P1500 per person and day, meals are already included

Exploring the Island

Boat rental to Sibang Cove costs around P1000 to P1500, to Lussok Cave P2500 to P3500. Going around Calayan on a boat costs P6000 to P6500. You can hire a motorbike with guide for P600 to Bataraw Falls and P500 to Sibang Cove.

*DISCLAIMER: I was part of a tour around Batanes with the Tourism Promotions Board of the Philippines.

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