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How to Get a South Korean Tourist Visa for Filipinos

South Korea is a popular destination for many Filipinos and Filipinas. K-pop, Koreanovelas and movies are some of the reasons for visiting this country. Getting a tourist visa is easy and straightforward for those who are planning to visit.

South Korea Visa Requirements for Filipinos

The Basics
  1. Completed application form (click here). Fill out the form in CAPITAL LETTERS, use A4 paper, sign it manually, no erasures, and leave non-applicable items blank.
  2. Colored photo (studios will know the right size when you tell them for South Korean visa). Paste it on the form.
  3. Valid passport and original copy with at least 2 blank pages.
  4. Photocopy of passport's bio page.
  5. Photocopy of the arrival stamps and visas from OECD countries (see list here)

If someone is inviting you, have them submit a letter and a copy of their passport or ID if they are Korean citizens. You'll need to submit a Korean business permit, if the invite is from a company in Korea. The letter must include the following information: purpose and length of stay, contact details and address of the place where you'll stay. Also include the contact details of the person who invited you. Include a short guarantee that you'll follow the rules of Korea and will not violate the terms of your visa.

The Specifics

Employees must submit the following:

  1. Original certificate of employment that includes the date you were hired, contact information of the employer, applicant's position, and salary.
  2. Original bank certificate.
  3. Original or certified true copy of your passbook or bank statements for the last three months.
  4. ITR (BIR Form 2316)
  5. Photocopy of your IBP or PRC Card if you have one. 

Self-employed individuals must submit the following:

  1. A photocopy of the Mayor's Permit or Business Permit
  2. ITR or form 2316
  3. Original personal bank certificate
  4. A photocopy of your business registration from the SEC or DTI
  5. Certified true copy or original bank statements or passbook
  6. Copy of PRC or IBP Card

For students:

  1. Photocopy of the school ID
  2. Original school certificate
  3. A copy of the NSO birth certificate
  4. If parents are employed, include the ITR or form 2316 and original certificate of employment
  5. Self-employed parents must provide a copy of the business registration from the SEC or DTI
  6. Original bank certificate of the parents
  7. Bank statement of the parents
  8. A copy of the parents' marriage certificate

For stay at home dads and moms:

  1. Spouse's original bank certificate
  2. Spouse's bank statement for three months
  3. If your spouse has a job, he or she must submit a certificate of employment and ITR or BIR Form 2316
  4. Photocopy of NSO marriage certificate
  5. For self-employed spouses, provide a business registration from DTI or SEC, a copy of the business permit or mayor's permit and a copy of the ITR with BIR stamp or a Form 2316 with receipt 

For the elderly:

  1. Copy of the senior citizen ID
  2. Bank statement for the last three months
  3. Original personal bank certificate

Read more about the different categories here: South Korea visa requirements 

Read updates and news about entry requirements here: announcements

Applying for the Visa

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If You Plan to Make an Early Reservation

You don't have to book immediately, you can wait until you get your visa.


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