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Where to Stay in Batanes

Batanes is a province that is made of three islands, Batan, Sabtang, Itbayat and is located in the northern Philippines. There are a mystery and charm about Batanes that lures hundreds and thousands of tourists every year. The group of volcanic islands exudes curiosity among the travelers who arrive here to explore those picturesque coasts, rolling hills, and hidden coves.

Entering Batanes

The easiest way to reach Batanes is by air, and one can book Batanes flights online to arrive at the capital town of the province, Basco. It is a land of captivating sunrises and sunsets and warm and welcoming people. It is no surprise to see Batanes ranking high on the bucket list of every traveler.

The best time to enjoy Batanes is in Summer when the weather is perfect, and rainfalls are minimal. Another aspect that hovers on the mind of every tourist is where to stay in Batanes and if it has good wifi. Well, the 3G network and WiFi available in Batanes is reliable, but those signals can be intermittent at times. As for the lodging options, there are endless choices. You can stay at one of those luxury resorts or look for the budgeted hotels in Batanes.

Here are some great ideas on where to stay in Batanes.

Affordable Options

Troy Lodge

Troy Lodge is very popular among tourists looking for cheaper lodging but quality services. The location of the lodge is excellent, and you are never far from the markets, and the internet connection is reliable. You can cook your own meals in the kitchen. Check rates and availability here: Troy Lodge.

Shanedel’s Inn

Another great choice is Shanedel’s Inn, which is run by a family. The rooms are attractive and clean and offer great views of the surroundings. As the inn is located right in the middle of the town, you are within walking distance of the markets and the restaurants. Check rates and availability here: Shanedel's Inn.

Slightly Expensive Options

Fundacion Pacita 

Fundacion Pacita is immensely popular because of its prime location and picturesque vistas. The hilltop house works as a non-profit lodge that boasts of gallery-inspired rooms. The house is converted into a bed and breakfast facility, and one can stay in one of those 12 rooms with amazing views of the sea, mountains, and the sky.

Midtown Inn 

Midtown Inn is located near the airport and in the center of the town. You are minutes away from the local attractions and the market area. Enjoy your stay in the air-conditioned rooms well equipped with all the modern amenities like TV, Wi-Fi, and hot and cold shower. You even enjoy complimentary drinks and breakfast for free! Check rates and availability here: Midtown Inn.

Five-Star Stay 

Rapitan di Vasay 

The small and uniquely attractive accommodation is a restored ancestral home. It offers spacious guestrooms with western - style bathrooms and latest amenities. It is preferred because of clean, environmentally friendly premises and central location.

Pension Ivatan 

The boutique hotel and restaurant is more than just a place for lodging. One must stay here to enjoy highly personal and professional service. You feel like staying in a high-end hotel, but It is like being to a private home. The food is delicious, and the prices are reasonable.

Magnfred’s Place 

Magnfred’s Place is another popular option and is loved by the guests because of its location and the room facilities. There is a kitchenette with a fridge attached to the neat and clean rooms, and there is a great garden where the guests can relax. Check rates and availability here: Magnfred's Place.

There are other places to stay in Batanes you can look for them here:

For those on a shoestring budget, can prefer a homestay and it sure is not a bad deal if one can stay in a neat and clean room of a newly renovated house. Explore Batanes and find a comfortable place to stay during your visit. You can read more about my Batanes guide here: budget and itinerary for Batanes.

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