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Travel Guide Budget and Itinerary for Daegu, Korea

I was only planning to stay one night in Daegu and move on early next day. However, when I arrived at the city, I immediately enjoyed the laid back vibe.

I was pleasantly surprised with Daegu, and I might return in the future. It's a livable city with some noteworthy attractions and things to do that are easily accessible by public transportation.

Guide to Daegu

Daegu is one of the biggest cities in South Korea. It is developed and is very much livable. It has markets, bars, restaurants and some attractions that will keep tourists busy during their stay.

Daegu is a big city, but one that is easy to explore. The places I visited were near each other, which made it easy for me to go around the city.

Places of Interest in Daegu


This area is where many locals and visitors go to shop and eat. This district has plenty of shops (local and foreign brands) and restaurants. During my visit, I saw some performers go on stage.

First Presbyterian Church Daegu

It's interesting to learn about Daegu's Christian heritage. I saw a handful of churches in the city when I went around. This church is several decades old (could be around a century old, forgot the details).

Yangnyeongsi Market

This market is the largest that sells different kinds of herbal medicine in the country. A majority of the traditional medicine in Korea goes through this market. If you find yourself here, you can get herbal and traditional medicine at a cheaper rate.


Banwoldang is another commercial, shopping, dining and entertainment area in Daegu. I found many quaint cafes and shops scattered all over this district. The coffee shops look like perfect hang out places. This area just adds to the chill vibe I got from Daegu.

Gyesan Cathedral

This beautiful cathedral is a recognizable city landmark. It's stunning exterior reminded me of Korea's Christian heritage.

Seomun Market

This chill market is a personal favorite. I liked the many street food stalls that offer various Korean dishes. Another thing I liked about Seomun is the live music. Different musicians jam here and play both local and foreign songs.


This Jogye Order Buddhist Temple has a history that dates back to 493 when it was called Yugasa Temple. The temple has undergone numerous reconstructions for around 1000 years. You can stay at the temple if you want to spend the night in the mountains in a peaceful atmosphere.

Entrance Fee: KRW2500

How to go: From Dongdaegu Railway Station, pass the exit near parking lot 3. From there, take express bus 1. Tell the driver you'll alight at Donghwasa.

Palgongsan Park

This park is a noteworthy day trip from Daegu. It is accessible from the city and a welcome getaway from the urban sprawl. It has many trails (one of which leads to Donghwasa) that lead to the peaks. You can go at a leisurely pace if you have the time. I only followed the trail leading to the temple since I didn't have much time left.

Fees: KRW10000-11000 round trip for cable car ride

How to go: From Dongdaegu Railway Station, pass the exit near parking lot 3. From there, take express bus 1 and alight at Palgongsan Park.

Bongsan Culture Road

This short road has some cute murals and art installations along the street. There are also some intimate restaurants here and art galleries where local artists hold exhibits of their works.

Gyeongsanggamyeong Provincial Office Site

This former government office complex dates all the way back to the Joseon Dynasty. The complex had been the provincial government's administrative seat. It has a nice park and reconstructions of ancient buildings.

Other Places of Interest
  • E World 83 Tower
  • Apsan Park
  • Daegu Duryu Park
  • Kim Gwangseok Memorial Street

Getting Around Daegu

Daegu has plenty of buses and metro stations that make it easy and convenient to explore the city. I used my Cash Bee card to pay for bus and subway fares. There are also local tourism staff walking around to help visitors. They have maps in English and can also speak in English.

How to Go to Daegu

By Bus

Daegu is easily accessible by bus or train from Seoul, Busan, Gyeongju and other Korean cities. I took the bus from Gyeongju to Daegu (costs KRW5600) and took the bus again from Daegu to Seoul (costs KRW18600). Both buses were comfortable and cheaper compared to taking the train. I arrived and departed from the Dongdaegu Bus Terminal which was near the metro station and right next to the high-speed train station. There are also buses traveling to Seoul Express Bus Terminal. The price of the ticket varies depending on the class, I got the cheapest possible tickets. There were tickets sold that cost up to KRW27000-30000 (if I remembered correctly).

By Train

There are regular trains departing and arriving at Daegu. You can check this website for fares, bookings and schedules: Korail.

Where to Stay in Daegu

I stayed in Midtown Hostel, it was in a good location near many restaurants, cafes and within walking distance of a metro station. The room was spacious and the bunk beds comfy, one of the best hostels I've stayed in, in Korea. The bed I got also included breakfast (mostly bread, jam, some spreads, the usual).

Look for more accommodations in Daegu.

Where to Next?


The capital of the country is a bustling metropolis with plenty to see and do. It was my second time in Seoul but I still had places I wanted to see because I was unable to visit them during my first trip.

Link: Guide to Seoul


Busan is my favorite city in South Korea, it has a chill vibe (probably because of its coastal city charm). The city is also easy and cheap to explore.

Link: Guide to Busan


This historic city is a noteworthy addition to your itinerary. I enjoyed my stay here and visited a handful of UNESCO Heritage Sites.

Link: Guide to Gyeongju

Budget for Daegu

*Everything's in Korean Won. Here's what I spent in Daegu.

15000 - Transportation
34300 - Food and drinks
2500 - Entrance fee Donghwasa Temple
1720 - Stamps
31200 - 2 night Midtown Hostel
18600 - Bus to Dong Seoul                     

98320 - Total

I wanted to stay longer in Daegu to see other nearby attractions but I didn't have enough time. Maybe for another trip.

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