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Taste Testing Caffe Puccini at BGC

One of my favorite food is Italian. I make it a point to eat pizza, lasagna and spaghetti as often as possible. I don't normally go to BGC because of its distance from Quezon City and the traffic that takes place throughout the week and almost the whole day. However, for good food like what I had in Caffe Puccini, I could always make an exception.

Long History

Caffe Puccini has been around BGC even before it was developed and became a premier business, commercial and residential district. When the restaurants was built 16 years ago, there were few buildings surrounding it. This longevity reflects the quality of the food and services provided to customers.

Authentic Touch

Caffe Puccini provides customers with an authentic Italian dining experience. The ambiance, the music, the decor and the furniture made me feel like I was in Italy. The restaurant also employs and Italian chef to guarantee authentic taste. They also import ALL of their ingredients from Italy. This increases the price of the food, but it guarantees you get to taste Italy here in the Philippines.

What to Eat at Caffe Puccini?

You don't go to a restaurant to just experience the ambiance, you go there for the food. I've eaten in hole-in-the-wall restaurants that don't look appealing from the outside and the inside, but the food was delicious. I've also eaten at swanky looking restaurants only to be disappointed with the food. The good thing is that Caffe Puccini combines the perfect atmosphere with scrumptious Italian cuisine.

P560 Spaghetti Truffle and Parma Ham

Pasta is one of the most famous Italian dishes. The ingredients of this dish served to us include parma ham, truffle, mushrooms and parmesan. This delicacy is full of flavor and fills your stomach after just one serving (it's up to you if you want to eat more). The dish was a delicious mix of salty and neutral tasting ingredients which brought out the best in the pasta.

P450 Gnocco Fritto di Salami with Parma Ham

The complimentary bread basket was a good introduction to our meal, then came the Gnocco Fritto di Salami. This fluffy bread has slices of ham on top. I loved how the bread practically melts inside my mouth after chewing and how the ham releases its salty flavor. The balance of flavors is a recurring theme among the food we tried in Caffe Puccini.

*This dish was a favorite of mine and would highly recommend.

P495 Insalata di Mare e Monte

This salad mixes seafood and other ingredients like capers, olives and bell pepper, all of which are mixed in olive oil. The combination of flavors was perfect; the right amount of saltiness, and neutral and tangy taste.

P530 Panizza Tosca

This was my favorite among all the food served to us. The dough, cheese, seafood and tomatoes, and the garnish created a delectable dish that I would've loved to have more of. Like the other dishes we tried, the flavor was balanced, just right. The taste was released at the right moment after a bite.

*This was a favorite and would highly recommend.

P670 Spaghettini Scoglio Ortiga

I liked how they presented this pasta dish (imagine a goose-like foil artwork). Presentations aside the pasta was good, the seafood ingredients were a perfect combination to the tomato sauce.

P295 Tiramisu

The dishes served were all very filling, but I made sure I had enough room for dessert. Like the dishes mentioned above, the desserts had a balanced taste. The tiramisu has layers of saviorardi biscuit, and also includes coffee and kahlua, powdered chocolate, mascarpone with ice cream and whipped cream on the side. I can't say no to dessert, and let me cut this short, it was delicious. The bitter and sweet, and neutral play of taste was delicious.

P215 Mango Tango

This mango dessert kept things simple with a layered, graham cake, mango sorbet and whipped cream. It was simple but delectable, a perfect ending to our meal.

Would I recommend Caffe Puccini?

If you want to splurge a bit on authentic Italian food, then I would definitely recommend Caffe Puccini. Despite its high-end pricing, the restaurant is the total package because of the restaurant's ambiance, attention to details, delicious food and good value.

Contact Details
Wesbsite: http://www.caffepuccini.com.ph/
Address: Unit 12, The Fort Strip 28th Street, corner 7th Avenue, Taguig, Metro Manila 1634
Phone #: 02 88163054-55
Email: info@caffepuccini.com.ph

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