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Travel Guide Budget and Itinerary for Marinduque

Marinduque is a laid back destination famous for its beaches and the Moriones Festival. It is also a possible spontaneous destination because of its accessibility by bus and ferry. It is a great place to leave your worries behind and just enjoy island life.

Poctoy Beach

Read my budget and itinerary for Marinduque.

Guide to Marinduque

This island province is part of the MIMAROPA region and is one of the most peaceful provinces in the country. The famous Moriones Festival has been celebrated on the island for around two centuries. It is also home to some beautiful beaches that has made it a popular weekend and summer getaway destination.

If you're planning to visit Marinduque, here are some of the things to do.

Things to Do in Marinduque

Poctoy Beach

Poctoy is a local and tourist favorite. It has white sand, cerulean waters and has views of Mt. Malindig. Wade in the waters, sunbathe or just hang out during your visit.

How to go: Board a jeep to Torrijos, fare is P100 one way. Tell the driver you'll get down at Poctoy Beach. There's an entrance fee of P50.

Link to post: beach bumming in Poctoy Beach

Boac Cathedral

This fetching church in the capital dates back to the 1790s. The Filipinos and the Spaniards used the church as a refuge whenever pirates attacked. The exterior has an old world charm.

How to go: If you're staying in Boac, you can walk to the cathedral or take a tricycle for P13.

Gasan Church

This beautiful church in Gasan is a noteworthy stop during your visit. It was constructed in 1609 and has a fetching facade.

How to go: Board a jeep traveling to Gasan for P25, then get on a trike to the church for P13.

Traditional Houses

Marinduque is home to some traditional houses that remind one of the past. You can find these in Boac and Gasan. These are houses that prominent and affluent families used to live in. Some have been renovated because of decaying parts that need reinforcement.

Tres Reyes Islands

The islands of Baltazar, Gaspar and Melchor are beach destinations you can visit during your trip. They got their name from the three kings in the Bible.

How to go: From Boac, board a jeep to Gasan for P25. At Gasan, make your way to the Seaview Park. From there, you can rent a boat for P1500 to visit the three islands, this is good for up to four passengers.

Bagumbungan Cave

Situated in Sta. Cruz, the cave is a unique destination to include in your itinerary besides the usual beaches on the island province. There is a waterfall and beautiful stalactites and stalagmites.

How to go: Get on a jeep going to Brgy. Lamesa, Sta. Cruz for around P50. From there, hop on a jeep bound for Brgy. San Isidro for around P20. Once there, register and pay the fees. It's P600/person to Punong Exit and P150/person up to the waterfalls.

Mt. Malindig

Located in Buenavista, this is the highest peak on the island. It is a possible day hike if you start early in the day.

How to go: Board a jeep bound for Buenavista for around P50. Then ride a tricycle to Brgy. Sihi where you'll register and pay the fees. There's a P45 barangay permit fee and P500 guide fee for up to four people.

Moriones Festival

The Moriones Festival has been celebrated for almost two centuries every Holy Week. You'll see colorful costumes and depictions of biblical events. Try going a day or so before the festivities because many tourists want to see this festival.

Luzon Datum of 1911

This is a marker that signifies the geodetic center of the country. You'll have to go up more than 460 steps to reach it. Other than the marker, it is also a good spot to watch the sunset and get overlooking views of the surroundings.

How to go: Board a jeep going to Mogpog then once there, hire a tricycle to take you for P150.

Malbog Sulfuric Hot Spring

Dip into the sulfuric water to treat skin ailments or just relax your muscles and tired body.

How to go: Board a jeep traveling to Buenavista for P50. From there you can ride a tricycle to the hot spring for P13. There's a P45 entrance fee.

Maniwaya Island

This is a separate island you can visit while in Marinduque. The cream-colored shore, turquoise waters and swaying palm trees make for an ideal tropical destination.

How to go: If you're already in Marinduque, you can board a jeep bound for Gasan around P25. From the town proper, get on a jeep bound for Sta. Cruz around P50. From Sta. Cruz, board a tricycle going to Buyabod Port for P20 or charter the whole thing for P100. The public boat leaving for Maniwaya Island leaves at 7:00am and 11:30am, and costs P70 one way. The return trip to Buyabod leaves at 6:30am the next day. You can charter a boat for P1500 one way for up to six passengers.

Getting Around Marinduque

Jeeps and tricycles are the main modes of transport around the island. Fares vary from P10 for short distances, and P25 to P100 for trips to other towns. FYI: the last trip of jeeps is around 4:00pm, so try to reach your destination before this time. Tricycle fare is approximately P13 for short trips, but you can charter the whole tricycle depending on need. There are also vans going around the island, you can board these to reach different towns.

How to Go to Marinduque

Marinduque is an easy to reach destination, here are ways to reach this province.

By Airplane

Flights to and from Marinduque Airport (Gasan) have returned. Cebu Pacific operates this route during Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. The flights depart from Terminal 4 in Metro Manila. Book flights months or weeks before your trip to get the lowest possible price. From the airport, you can hire a tricycle to Boac for P150. You can also board a jeep from Gasan to Boac for P25.

By Ferry

Jac Liner has buses traveling to Marinduque from their Cubao Terminal. The bus leaves at 4:00pm but you have to be inside by 3:00pm. You also have to make a reservation before going. The bus will arrive at Balanacan Port, Mogpog. It will go to the towns of Boac, Sta. Cruz and Gasan to drop off passengers. The all inclusive fare is P880 one way and takes around eight hours.

Alternatively, you can board a bus bound for Dalahican Port, Quezon. The Jac Liner bus departing from Cubao Terminal has regular trips daily. This costs P228 one way. At Dalahican Port, board a ferry bound for Balanacan Port. Ferry fare is approximately P260 and you'll also pay a P30 terminal fee. This whole trip takes seven hours or more. There are discounts for students, children and senior citizens.

Where to Stay in Marinduque

There are some hotels and guesthouses for budget travelers. You'll have more choices if you stay in Boac. There are lodgings along Poctoy Beach as well.

Budget for Marinduque

Sample budget for Marinduque trip.

*Everything's in Philippine Peso.

456 - Round trip bus to Dalahican Port from Cubao
580 - Round trip ferry ride from Dalahican Port to Balanacan Port
1600 - 2 nights Boac Hotel
900 - Food and drinks
750 - Tres Reyes Islands (island hopping shared with at least one other person)
50 - Poctoy Beach entrance fee
600 - Transportation                                        

4936 - Total for 3 days and 2 nights

*The amount varies depending on your spending habits, where you'll stay, what you'll do, how you travel and where you eat. You can save more money by traveling with a group.

Sample Itinerary for Marinduque

This is a sample itinerary for your trip, you can add or remove places or extend the number of days.

Day 1

Take the night bus for Dalahican Port
Board ferry to Balanacan, Marinduque
Get on a van or jeep to Boac
Check in accommodation
Visit Poctoy Beach
See the traditional houses
Drop by Boac Cathedral and Boac Plaza

Day 2

Tres Reyes Islands (Island hopping) or visit Maniwaya Island
Luzon Datum
Gasan Church and old houses

Day 3

Check out accommodation
Depart for Balanacan Port
Get on ferry to Dalahican Port
Depart for Cubao or other stations from Dalahican

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