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Marinduque Chronicles: Of Old Houses & Churches

Marinduque has a rich cultural and historical heritage showcased by the many old houses and churches on the island.


Boac was derived from the Visayan word "biak" which means divided. Boac was founded in 1579 and is in the MIMAROPA region. This small charming town is laid back with friendly people; trademarks I enjoy every time I visit another province, the close-knit ambiance is very homey but it does have its pros and cons.

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As I walked around the small town, I noticed a handful of old houses that were distinct from the rest. I loved how some of the homes in the provinces were still very much like the way they were built decades ago. The architecture was somewhere between unique and similar to homes found in our Malay neighbors (I'm looking at them with an untrained eye).

Casa Narvas was the only heritage house recognized by the National Historical Institute.

You can't travel around the Philippines without seeing at least one prominent Catholic church, the same is true in Boac and other parts of Marinduque.

The Boac Cathedral was established in 1792; making it not only a significant structure but also plays a vital role in the lives of locals.


Gasan is another municipality in Marinduque that I visited during my short stay on the island. I saw two impressive houses when I dropped by the town.

It was not only the Spaniards who established churches, but also our forefathers who wanted to have religious freedom and had equal standing with their Spanish counterparts.

The best looking church I saw in Marinduque was the Gasan Church.

The stone exterior, intricate carvings and the interior of the church were all well made and worth a look.

Sta. Cruz

The Sta. Cruz church is another prominent structure in Marinduque.

The Catholic churches in the country are not just displays or vestiges of the Philippines' past, but is also a way of life for more than 80% of the country. The churches aren't empty halls gathering dust, but beat with life during Sundays and special celebrations. Whether you are a devout Catholic or not, preserving our heritage will help us learn more about who we are and who we can be.

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