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Explore Quezon: Of Old Houses & Churches in Tayabas & Lucban

Quezon is rich in culture and history that date back to Spanish times. There are a number of beautiful decades or even centuries old houses and churches in Lucban and Tayabas.

A Walk Back in Time in Lucban

The Lucban Church is a prominent structure in town. It's centuries old but it is still significant to the lives of the locals. The church plays an important role for the celebrated Pahiyas Festival.

There were also several old houses leading up to the church. The affluent families of the region displayed their social standing through the houses they lived in. Some of the ancestral houses were quite similar to the homes I saw in some parts of Malaysia and Indonesia with a mix of Spanish.

A Glimpse of the Past in Tayabas

The Tayabas Church is one of the most beautiful churches I've seen in the Philippines. This baroque-style church was originally built in 1580. The church underwent several renovations throughout the centuries before it became the biggest in the country. If you loom at it closely, it resembles a keyhole.

The Malagonlong Bridge is also a Spanish-era structure built in the province. This was built in 1850 and is no longer used.

The Casa de Comunidad is another prominent stone structure in town. The original was constructed in 1776 and renovated in 1831. Hermano Pule died in its walls fighting for religious freedom.

The region has plenty of ancestral houses and stone churches that remind us of our past and how we can move on and look to the future.

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