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Lakbay Norte: Sand Dune Surfing

One of the highlights of my trip to Ilocos was sand dune surfing. I have never done it before so I was excited to try this unique activity during my trip to the north with Barefoot Travels.

Surf's Up Sand Dunes

The trip began with a winding and exhilarating 4x4 ride through sand dunes. The ascents and descents were adrenaline pumping as we made our way to the surfing spot. I hung on for dear life as the driver accelerated and decelerated up and down sand dunes and hills. Saying the ride was bumpy is an understatement, I had to hold on to the rails real tight to avoid getting thrown off the jeep.

The highlight as a ride down a steep hill just before the surfing area. I could not take photos or videos during the ride, it was just way to bumpy and quite dangerous to attempt.

Now comes the fun part, riding down this hill! I tried the sit down and stand up slide. It was easy to sit down and just slide, the challenge was standing up and keeping your balance.

My attempt at sliding down the hill upright failed miserably (but not like the others, people hit face first multiple times trying this). When I felt I was going to topple over midway, I just leaned back to avoid an embarrassing face first fall on the way down.

There was a lot of people sand dune surfing so I couldn't do it more than twice, maybe next time. It was already sunset when we left, but it was a fun day nonetheless. Sand dune surfing in Ilocos is a highly recommended activity, do it when you visit!


  1. This looks like so much fun! I've been to the Philippines a dozen or so times now but have never seen anything like this. In some pictures it looks a little like the Mad Max movie! Thanks for sharing. (=

  2. Had a chance to try this during our Ilocos trip and that was awesome. Grabe! para kang hinuhulog. Haha

    Naalala ko tuloy. makapagsulat nga rin ng blog post about dun hahaha