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Lakbay Norte: Beach Bumming in Ilocos

Ilocos is a very popular tourist destination as it has many of the things that will cater to any kind of tourist such as beaches, culture, food and history. It comes as no surprise as to why many Filipinos head to this region during long weekends and holidays.

Saud Beach

The group I joined booked an accommodation in Saud Beach. The beach wasn't so bad, but I've seen better in many other islands in other provinces. The sand wasn't fine nor the water clear, but it offered just enough for beach bumming.

Blue Lagoon Beach

My favorite beach in Ilocos despite the crowds and commercialism surrounding it. It is tucked away behind a mountain and a narrow road creating traffic getting in and out.

The two rock formations at the far end of the beach contrasted with the nearby concrete and man-made strcutures. You can still get away from the raucous crowd of the more people area of Blue Lagoon beach.

It was peak season, hence the droves of people coming in buses and vans from Manila and other nearby provinces. Despite the crowds, the cerulean waters looked glass-like with each person a reflection standing over it. The fine, white sand gently fit between the spaces between my toes.

I could only imagine what this beach looked like a decade or so ago without all the remnants of commercialism.

The traffic to enter the beach was almost Metro Manila-like in terms of number of vehicles entering and leaving. Most of the restaurants had long waiting times before getting a table, then getting served. Peak season was in full blast during our visit on a national holiday weekend.

I didn't let the crowds and holiday rush ruin the beauty of Blue Lagoon beach. You can appreciate a place despite the crowds if you learn how to tune things out and keep the important things in mind.

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