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Travel Guide Budget and Itinerary for Split

I know one friend who's been to Split. She had good things to say about the place so when I was planning my itinerary for Croatia I decided to include it. It was on the way back to Zagreb from Dubrovnik so it was an easy decision to make. 

budget and itinerary for Split

Split is another laid back destination in Croatia you should consider adding to your itinerary.

Travel Guide Budget and Itinerary for Split

Split is one of the biggest cities in Croatia and the biggest in the Dalmatia region. It doesn't get the same attention as Dubrovnik, but it's full of history and a laid back atmosphere perfect for a short or long trip. The city has been under the Byzantines, Venetians, Greeks, Croatians and Romans over its history. You could see this diverse history in Split's old town. If you like Game of Thrones, there are also places in the city where the famous TV show held shoots.

Getting a Visa

Croatia will be part of the Schengen zone by 2023. You can now enter Croatia with a valid Schengen visa.

Here's a post on how I got my Schengen visa: how to get a Schengen visa for Filipinos

Things to Do and Places to See

Split has some nice places to visit or just hang out in when you start planning your budget and itinerary for Split.

Palace of Diocletian

Palace of Diocletian The Wandering Juan

Palace of Diocletian The Wandering Juan

The Palace of Diocletian is a UNESCO-listed heritage site and is also one of the filming locations for Game of Thrones. Emperor Diocletian lived in this palace until 313 AD. 

Entrance fee: 4 euro for entering the basement (price during winter)


budget and itinerary for Split

budget and itinerary for Split

Riva is a nice area along the coast. Plenty of locals and tourists alike make their way here to hang out, eat at a nearby cafe or restaurant, or explore the nearby old town.

Cathedral of St. Domnius

Cathedral of St. Domnius The Wandering Juan

This towering structure is actually next to Diocletian's Palace. Filotas designed the Cathedral of St. Domnius. It's consecration took place in the 7th century. 

Old Town

budget and itinerary for Split

I would describe Split's old town as a smaller version of the one you'd find in Dubrovnik. It's quaint and beautiful. There are cafes, guest houses, shops and restaurants as you'll weave in and out of the narrow streets of the old town.

You can also visit nearby places such as:

  • Salona
  • Zlatni Rat and nearby beaches
  • Ivan Mestrovic Gallery
  • Marjan Stairway
  • Split Archaeological Museum
  • Klis Fortress
  • Baptistery of St. John and the Papalic Palace

Getting Around Split

Getting around the city on foot or by public transportation is easy. If your primary destination is the city center, old town and Riva, you can just walk everywhere. The main attractions are near each other. However, if you want to see more of the city, it's easy to go to them by bus, taxi or Uber. Bus fare is around 1.60 to 2 euro depending on your destination.

Day Trips

You can include a few day trips from Split. 


Trogir The Wandering Juan

Trogir's old town is a UNESCO-listed heritage site. It's small but quite lovely, even if you visit in the evening. 

How to go: The trip to Trogir takes half an hour. You can catch a bus from the main bus station or Sukoisanska bus hub (take bus 37).


Sibenik The Wandering Juan

Sibenik is a quaint small town with lots of charm. It's similar to Split, but smaller. It is home to the UNESCO-listed Sibenik Cathedral of St. James. 

How to go: There are many buses that go directly to Sibenik. You can board one from Split, Zagreb or Dubrovnik. 


Dubrovnik The Wandering Juan

Dubrovnik's old town will take you through a time warp. It's one of the most popular destinations in Croatia. It's possible to do a day trip to here from Split, but it's going to be a very long day, especially if you take public transportation.

How to go: There are plenty of buses that go directly to Dubrovnik from Split.

You can check out my detailed post here: budget and itinerary for Dubrovnik

You can check bus schedules for Trogir, Sibenik, and Dubrovnik here: https://www.ak-split.hr/en/ or https://www.flixbus.com/.

Where to Stay in Split

Split has cheaper and good value accommodation options compared to Dubrovnik. I stayed in a hostel dorm which was much better than the one I stayed in when I was in Dubrovnik for roughly the same price. 

Here are some suggestions when you're making your budget and itinerary for Split.


En Route Hostel: Rates and Availability

Old Town Hostel Split: Rates and Availability

OliveTree: Rates and Availability

Dioklecijan delux: Rates and Availability


Apartment Old Town Manosa: Rates and Availability

Hotel As: Rates and Availbility

Guest house Ivona: Rates and Availability

You can find more deals and rooms here:

How to Get to Split

By Air

Split has its own airport. You can book a direct flight to and from Zagreb. There are more direct flights from other cities in Europe (Paris, Barcelona, Zurich, and others) to Split during the summer (peak season).

By Land

It's easy and convenient to take the bus to and from Split. It's right between Dubrovnik and Zagreb. Many break up the long trip between the two with a stop in Split. Buses to Dubrovnik or Zagreb take roughly 4-5 hours one way. The buses were comfortable and the view scenic. The view was the prettiest between Split and Dubrovnik. 

You can check schedules here: https://www.ak-split.hr/en/

Flixbus is also an option when taking the bus from Split: https://www.flixbus.com/

You can also check this link out for routes to Split: https://www.bookaway.com/routes/croatia/split

Budget for Split

It's possible to enjoy Split on a budget, especially if you'll just hang out by the old town. Split is a nice place to just sit back and relax. 

Here's a list of my expenses that can help you plan your budget and itinerary for Split.

Everything's in euro.

26.72 - 2 nights ar En Route Hostel

4.94 - Transportation around the city

26.89 - Food and drinks

4 - Ticket for Diocletian Palace basement (winter price)

2 - Bus to Trogir

2.81 - Bus to Split from Trogir

6.95 - Bus to Sibenik                                                            

74.31 - 3 days and 2 nights

It was winter when I visited. Low season meant fewer outdoor activities and lower prices. But Split is still an interesting city to visit. You can just walk around the old town, eat or drink at one of the cafes and restaurants lining Riva. 

***Split was part of a longer trip that included Spain, Hungary, Ukraine, Turkey and other cities in Croatia. 

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Here's a sample itinerary for Split

Day 1

Old town and Diocletian's Palace


Day 2


Day 3


You can change the places I put here. It's actually possible to do Split in one day if you'll just visit the old town. There are more things to do and day trips in the summer compared to when I went during the winter. 

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