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Travel Guide Budget and Itinerary for Cappadocia

When I was planning my itinerary for Turkey, I definitely included Cappadocia. I've heard good things about the place from other people and have seen several pictures of its stunning landscape.

budget and itinerary for Cappadocia

Here's a guide that can help you plan your upcoming trip.

Travel Guide Budget and Itinerary for Cappadocia

Cappadocia is a region rich in history, culture and natural beauty. It's famous for its stunning landscapes regardless of the season you visit. The rock formations scattered in different parts of the region make for a picturesque view. The region is also significant because of its long history. Here you'll find underground cities that show how ancient people in the region lived. You'll also find churches built inside rock formations with colorful frescoes. The early Christians in the region practiced their religion in the caves and underground cities you'll find in the region.

Getting a Visa

It's easy to get a sticker or e-visa for Turkey for Filipinos. Whether you get a sticker or e-visa, the process is straightforward and easy to follow.

You can read my guide here: how to get a Turkey tourist visa for Filipinos

Things to Do and Places to See

These are some of the places I visited and things I did while in Cappadocia.

Underground City

budget and itinerary for Cappadocia

Visiting an underground city is one of the inclusions of a tour around Cappadocia. Your guide will take you through different levels of the city and explain what a particular area is. We saw kitchens, dining rooms, bedrooms and others. It's interesting how people who lived during that time managed to live in an underground city for so long.

Sunset Point

budget and itinerary for Cappadocia

budget and itinerary for Cappadocia

budget and itinerary for Cappadocia

budget and itinerary for Cappadocia

budget and itinerary for Cappadocia

If you're staying somewhere in Goreme, you should head over to the Sunset Point. This spot doesn't just provide you with beautiful views of the sunet, but also pretty overlooking views of the town below and the surrounding landscape. It's also free to go.

Open Air Museum

Open Air Museum The Wandering Juan

Open Air Museum The Wandering Juan

Open Air Museum The Wandering Juan

The Open Air Museum is a noteworthy attraction within walking distance of Goreme. It's sometimes included in the tours, but when I went in the winter I just went their on my own. This area is home to some of the churches built inside rock formations. Christians that lived in Cappadocia centuries ago carved places of worship inside the rock formations. They had an altar built and some frescoes depicting Christian figures and events. 

Entrance fee: 100 lira, extra 30 lira for the Dark Church

Combo Tour (Red and Green)

budget and itinerary for Cappadocia

budget and itinerary for Cappadocia

budget and itinerary for Cappadocia

budget and itinerary for Cappadocia

budget and itinerary for Cappadocia

During other times of the year, agencies would have separate tours for the famous green and red routes. However, it was winter some areas are inaccessible because of dangerous road conditions. So for this trip, I joined a tour that combined both the red and green routes. We went to different view points, small towns, an underground city and a pottery shop. 

I was unable to do the balloon ride because of frequent cancellations caused by inclement weather. Winter is the cheapest time to visit, but also has a limited number of activities. However, I still had fun and I thought the snow-covered landscape was beautiful.

Getting around Cappadocia

There are public buses that go from one town to another every hour, but schedules can change depending on the season. I stayed in Goreme so the restaurants, shops, accommodations and travle agency are near each other. My accommodation was also walking distance away from the main bus station. You can also rent scooters, bikes, or a car. Prices and availability vary depending on the season. There are also taxis if you need to go somewhere quickly.

Where to Stay in Cappadocia

Goreme is an ideal town to serve as a base for your trip around the region. You can find cave hotels, hostels, and hotels within various price ranges. I stayed in the dorm of Terra Vista Hotel. You have a number of accommodation options when making your budget and itinerary for Cappadocia.


Terra Vista Hotel: Rates and Availability

The Dorm Cave by Travellers: Rates and Availability

Elite Cave Suites: Rates and Availability

Stay in Peace Cave Hostel: Rates and Availability


Hidden Cave Hotel: Rates and Availability

Goreme Inn Hotel: Rates and Availability

Goreme Kaya Otel: Rates and Availability

Tulip Cave Suites: Rates and Availability

You have more options when you book through Agoda.

How to Get to Cappadocia

By Air

The area has two airports which are Nevsehir and Kayseri. You have the option to book flights from either Turkish Airlines or Pegasus. The prices are slightly different. Pegasus is a budget airline so you have to pay for add-ons. I was able to buy a ticket for my flight to Nevsehir for around 421 lira less than 24 hours of its departure time. Flight tickets are relatively cheap for domestic flights. The easiest way to get out of either airport is to arrange for a shuttle pick up with your accommodation. Shuttle services costs around 60-70 lira depending on where you'll arrive. The shuttle will take you to your accommodation.

By Land

I've met a lot of travelers who rented a car during their trip around Turkey. You also have the option to travel by bus because the train network is limited in Turkey. Buses are an affordable option for those traveling on a budget. When you want to book a bus ticket, ask or look for 'Goreme'. It's a small town in the Cappadocia region. You can find trips from Istanbul to Goreme for around 320 lira. You can also go straight to Goreme from either Pamukkale or Izmir, both of which are famous tourist destinations in the country. 

You can look for schedules here: 

You can also show up at the nearest bus station to buy tickets.

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Budget for Cappadocia

I went to Cappadocia during the winter. The prices for tours and some accommodations were low because of fewer tourists. Some tours like the balloon ride were often cancelled because of dangerous road conditions (some roads were covered in too much snow and/or ice). However, I still enjoyed my short stay in Cappadocia. 

Here's a list of expenses that can help you plan your budget and itinerary for Cappadocia.

Everything's in Turkish Lira:

421 - Flight to Nevsehir from Istanbul

60 - Shuttle from Nevsehir Airport to Goreme

240 - 2 nights in Terra Vista Hotel

257 - Food and drinks

400 - Mixed red and green tour

100 - Miscellaneous

180 - Bus to Izmir

100 - Open Air Museum

30 - Dark Church entrance fee                              

1788 - Total for 3 days and 2 nights 

Prices of tours change during other times of the year. Prices were lower when I went during the winter. Agencies often combined the red and green tour during this time of the year because some places were inaccessible. Balloon rides are cheaper but they are often cancelled during this time so if you plan to visit during the winter, prepare for possible changes in your itinerary. You might spend more or less depending on factors such as where you stay, where you eat and the things you do. I stayed somewhere in Goreme. It's a quaint tourist town with beautiful views. You could already see parts of the famous Cappadocia landscape from Goreme.

***Cappadocia was part of a longer trip in Turkey.

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Itinerary for Cappadocia

It was winter when I visited Cappadocia, which means fewer tourists, but also fewer activities. Here's a sample itinerary whenever you plan your budget and itinerary for Cappadocia.

Day 1

Red Tour

Sunset point

Day 2

Green Tour

Day 3 

Balloon ride

Three full days is enough to cover the highlights of Cappadocia. The best time to visit is actually anytime before and after winter. Summer is the hottest time of the year and also the busiest. During the winter, agencies combine the red and green tour because some destinations are inaccessible. You can spend more time in Cappadocia depending on the season. You can go hiking in some places, if you have the time and are prepared for it.

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