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Travel Guide Budget and Itinerary for Bergama

I like ancient ruins so when I saw photos of the ruins located in Bergama, I decided to include it in my itinerary. Bergama is a small city you can easily reach from Izmir. It's also only a few hours away, which made it an easy day trip or overnight stay destination. 

budget and itinerary for Bergama

Here's a guide you can use if ever you decide to visit Bergama.

Travel Guide Budget and Itinerary

Bergama is a small city that is often overlooked by foreign tourists. They would make their way to more famous locales such as Izmir, Selcuk, Pamukkale and Cappadocia. For those (like myself) that find their way here, Bergama is a destination worth visitng because of its historic sites. 

Getting a Visa for Turkey

It's easy to get an e-visa or sticker visa for Turkey, regardless of the passport you carry. The process is straightforward.

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Things to Do and Places to See

Here are some of the places you can visit when planning your budget and itinerary for Bergama.


budget and itinerary for Bergama

budget and itinerary for Bergama

budget and itinerary for Bergama

budget and itinerary for Bergama

This ancient site is the main reason tourists visit this part of Izmir. The acropolis is a stunning work of ancient architecture. Back when it was still in use, the theater has a capacity of around 15000. It was built on a slope of a hill that overlooks the city below. You can also see remnants of a glorious past such as the Temple of Trajan, an ancient library and an altar. I enjoyed walking around the complex and admiring the views. Bergama was a pleasant surprise, I'd recommend a trip here if ever you're in Izmir.

Entrance fee: 60 lira


budget and itinerary for Bergama

budget and itinerary for Bergama

budget and itinerary for Bergama

Several centuries ago, this complex used to be a healing center. You'll see vestiges of a colonnaded street, some temples, a theater, a sacred well, and others as you explore the ancient complex. 

Entrance fee: 55 lira

Red Basilica

budget and itinerary for Bergama

budget and itinerary for Bergama

budget and itinerary for Bergama

Hadrian had this structure built as a temple for Isis and Serapis. The Byzantines then converted it to a church. The complex isn't as big as Asklepion or the Acropolis, but it's still quite impressive. The massive remains of the walls provide visitors with a glimpse of what the basilica was centuries ago. 

Entrance fee: 12.50 lira

It's possible to walk to the places mentioned above, but that's going to take a long time since they're scattered in different directions. There's a cable car that can take you to the Acropolis and back down. You could also take taxis to reduce the amount of walking you need to do. The Red Basilica is the closest to the city center.

Other places you might want to visit while here:

  • Bergama Archaeological Museum
  • Bozcaada
  • Ayvalik

Where to Stay in Bergama

Bergama has a few budget options for travelers. I stayed in Anil Hotel for a night. It was within walking distance to some shops and restaurants, and the Red Basilica. 

Here are a few accommodation options when planning your budget and itinerary for Bergama.

Anil Hotel: Rates and Availability

Attalos Suites Hotel: Rates and Availability

Hera Boutique Hotel: Rates and Availability

Hotel Labella Bergama: Rates and Availability

Ayvazali Hotel: Rates and Availability

Getting around Bergama

It's possible to walk to the attractions found in Bergama because it's a small enough city. However, prepare for a long day of walking. There are buses that can take you up to the start of the walk (or at least close to it) to the entrance of Pergamum or the Asklepion. Fare for the buses is around 5-10 lira. There are taxis that can take you to wherever you want to go for a certain price. A one way taxi ride to the entrance of Pergamum from the city center is around 70-100 lira. You can negotiate for a two-way ride or for visiting both the Asklepion and Pergamum. I spent around 200 lira for taxis while in Bergama. It was drizzling and sometimes raining during my short stay so I decided to just take taxis. It wasn't that expensive anyway. The closest attractions in the city are the Red Basilica and the museums.

How to Get to Bergama

Bergama is still part of Izmir. It is a possible day trip destination frmo the city, that's if you start early. I spent the night in Bergama before heading to Bursa towards the end of my trip around Turkey. There are regular vans leaving from Izmir bus station, fare is around 40 lira. The trip took around 2-2.5 hrs one way. You can also go directly to Bergama from Istanbul, fare is around 340 lira. 

You can check for prices and bus schedules here: https://www.metroturizm.com.tr/en/

Budget for Bergama

Bergama is an affordable stop during your stay in Turkey. Private rooms are cheap and so is the food. Here's a rundown of my expenses during my stay.

Everything's in Turkish lira:

126 - Food and drinks

40 - Van to Bergama from Izmir

279 - 1 night Anil Hotel

210 - Transportation

140 - Bus to Bursa

60 - Entrance for Bergama Acropolis

55 - Entrance fee for Asklepion

12.50 - Entrance fee for the Red Basilica 

922.50 - 2 days and 1 night in Bergama

Other than the ruins, there isn't much to do in Bergama, unless you plan on doing day trips. I went during the winter so it was low season and some of the day trip destinations weren't worth visiting during this time. 

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Itinerary for Bergama

It's possible to hit the highlights of Bergama in one full day, if you start early enough. Here's a suggested itinerary for your upcoming trip:

Day 1


Red Basilica


You can spend an extra half day visiting some of the museums. If you are here in the summer or spring, you can spend a day or two going to the small towns and the coast.

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