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Travel Guide: Ticao Island Masbate

I got the opportunity to travel to Ticao Island in Masbate. Masbate was a province I have yet to visit that's why I was eager to explore one part of it. The island had blue-tinged, clear waters with colorful corals and a vibrant underwater ecosystem. I was able to see baby sharks and a waterfall that cascaded into the sea.

Masbate The Wandering Juan

Read more about my trip to Ticao Island, Masbate.

Travel Guide Ticao Island, Masbate

Ticao Island is part of Masbate province but is separated by water from the mainland. During our trip, I saw a few small neighborhoods on the islands. One can only access some of the barangays by boat. Ticao Island has been on my radar for some time now and I finally had the chance to visit. The island has noteworthy attractions such as Halea Island Nature Park, Catandayagan Waterfalls and Borobangkaso Islet. Its emerald waters have a thriving underwater ecosystem (I saw a few baby sharks while snorkeling) and its beaches match the beauty of more well-known destinations in the Philippines.

Ticao Island Attractions and Things to Do

Ticao Island is home to a handful of beautiful natural attractions. 

Halea Island Nature Park

Halea Island Nature Park The Wandering Juan

Halea Island Nature Park The Wandering Juan

Halea Island Nature Park is a thing of beauty. It has fine, white sand, and clear waters. You can just chill by the beach or go snorkeling and see baby sharks. 

Fee: P100

Catandayagan Waterfalls

Catandayagan Waterfalls The Wandering Juan

Catandayagan Waterfalls The Wandering Juan

Catandayagan is one of those rare waterfalls that cascade into the sea. Our group stayed here for a while to take photos and swim.

Borobangkaso Islet

Borobangkaso Islet The Wandering Juan

Borobangkaso Islet The Wandering Juan

One of the stops in our itinerary was Borobangkaso. The islet had an interesting rock formation. We climebd up to the top to get overlooking views.

Ticao Island Resort

Ticao Island Resort The Wandering Juan

Ticao Island Resort The Wandering Juan

Ticao Island Resort is a beachfront property that has its own restaurant. Guests can chill, swim or just lounge around the beach during their vacation. 

Some of the things you can do while here include:

  • Kayaking - free for guests
  • Fishing (with locals) - P600 per person
  • Motorcycle Tour - P1300 per person
  • Ride a Pony - P300 per person
  • Firefly River Tour - P300

You can book a room here: Rates and Availability 

Getting Around Ticao Island

The most convenient way to get around Ticao is by renting a boat. You'll save a lot of money by going with a group instead of going solo.

Boat fees:

  • P5000 private boat one way for Ticao Island Resort
  • P9000 boat rental for North Ticao Island Tour from Ticao Island Resort
  • P12000 boat rental for South Ticao Tour from Ticao Island Resort
  • P2500 for up to five people and P500 for the guide fee (this option is if you're coming from Monreal Port)

How to Get to Ticao Island

You have some options on how to get to Ticao Island:

  1. You can book a flight to Masbate from Manila. Ticket prices vary depending on whether you were able to bookd during a seat sale or not. From Masbate, board a ferry bound for Lagundi. Once you arrive in Lagundi, you can hire a motorcycle driver to take you to Monreal. From Monreal, you can hire a boat to take you to the attractions of Ticao Island.
  2. Take an overnight bus bound for Bulan in Sorsogon. Once in the terminal, hop on a tricycle to Pier 2. At the pier, board a boat bound for San Jacinto Port. Fare is approximately P120. At San Jacinto, you can charter a tricycle for P250 to take you to Monreal. From Monreal, you can rent a boat for your tour for around P2500.
  3. If you're staying somewhere in Sorsogon, you can arrange a tour with Donsol Ecotour. You can reach them through info@donsolecotour.com. You can also visit their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/donsolecotour.

Ticao Island is a beautiful destination that can rival more popular places in the Philippines. I had a good time exploring the island. I was with a group of bloggers. We were invited by the Tourism Promotions Board of the Philippines to explore some parts of Masbate, Albay, and Sorsogon.

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