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Tips for Your Mayon ATV Ride and Adventure

I had my first experience riding an ATV during my second trip to Albay. It was an exciting experience driving through rough terrain with Mt. Mayon as our group's backdrop.

Mt. Mayon The Wandering Juan

These are some tips that can help you plan your Mayon ATV ride.

Best Time to Go

Mayon ATV Ride The Wandering Juan

It's possible to do the ATV ride throughout the year, but during rainy season you have to prepare for inclement weather and rough (er) terrain. The rain will make some of the roads you'll pass through during the ride muddy, which will make it difficult to get through them. The ideal time to go is during dry season. However, this season can get really hot and humid.

What to Bring and Wear

Mayon ATV Ride The Wandering Juan

If you do the Mayon ATV ride during the rainy season, bring a raincoat and/or a dry bag or plastic to keep your phones, gadgets, wallet, and other things dry. 

The dry season is hot and humid. You can get a nasty sunburn, if you don't use sunscreen or cover up. Wear a long-sleeved shirt or bring sleeves to cover your forearms. I wore a facemask that also covered my neck. It could get dusty during your ride. Don't forget to bring your camera and/or phone to take photos and videos of your trip. It's better to wear either sandals or flip-flops because your feet will likely get wet when you try to cross streams.

What to Expect

You'll go through a short briefing about your ride and the staff at the facility will prepare your ATV before you go. You don't need to learn how to drive to ride an ATV. The vehicle's controls are straightforward, you either go forward or brake whenever you use the handlebar. The terrain is mixed with rough, bumpy and in some parts wet, and flat surfaces. The guides will be there to assist you, if you get stuck, there's something wrong with your ATV, or other tour-related problems you might encounter. My hands started to ache because of the braking and maneuvering we had to do. It was also my first time riding an ATV. Our group took the Mayon ATV ride package that went to the black lava trail with a view of Mt. Mayon in the distance.

Where to Book

Mayon ATV Ride

Mayon ATV Ride

Our group booked a package through Your Brother Travel and Tours. Their service was good and the ATVs were in good condition. You can reach them through:

I had fun during our ATV ride and wouldn't mind doing it again if ever I return to Albay. 

*I was part of a group that the Tourism Promotions Board of the Philippines took to Bicol. 


  1. Hello. What time of day would you say is best to go. We are in legaspi now and wondering if the views will be better earlier or later..? Thank you

    1. Later so that it won't be too hot I think, and it's possible to watch the sunset