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Things to Do in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the biggest cities in Spain and is one of the country's most popular destinations. This comes as no surprise because of the many things to do here regardless of your interests. This Catalonian city is a vibe. There's good food, beautiful architecture, plenty of attractions, many entertainment options, and one of the main reasons people visit, to see some of Gaudi's most famous works. 

Barcelona The Wandering Juan

These are some of the things to do in Barcelona.

Things to Do in Barcelona

You'll have plenty of places and things to do to add to your itinerary when you plan your trip to Barcelona. The good thing about this city is that some attractions are within walking distance from each other or are near public transportation stops.

Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia The Wandering Juan

Sagrada Familia The Wandering Juan

Sagrada Familia The Wandering Juan

Sagrada Familia The Wandering Juan

The Sagrada Familia is probably the most famous attraction and building in Barcelona. It deserves all the attention and accolades it has received. It's Gaudi's finest work (in my opinion). The details of the interior and exterior are worth every cent you pay for. This work of art was never finished during Gaudi's time. It remained unfinished during my visit, but talks of its completion within the next few years abound. The initial plan for the Sagrada was for it to be a Neo-Gothic basilica. However, Gaudi changed plans as the work on the church progressed. It followed his signature Art Noveau aesthetic instead. You can spend hours just marveling at the sheer magnitude and beauty of the project. By-the-way, the Sagrada is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Since Gaudi's death, other architects have taken up the project.

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Casa Batllo

Casa Batllo The Wandering Juan

You'll see plenty of Gaudi's works or his influences throughout Barcelona. Another well-known building designed by the architect is Casa Batllo. This uniquely (to put it simply) beautiful building was designed as Josep Batllo's private residence. The free wheeling shapes and lines, and distinct facade draw the attention of all visitors. 

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Parc Guell

Parc Guell The Wandering Juan

Parc Guell The Wandering Juan

Sagrada Familia The Wandering Juan

One of the things to do in Barcelona is walk around Parc Guell and admire more of Gaudi's works (this is a recurring theme here in Barcelona). The park itself is a nice place to hang out. Walk around to get varying views of the city from above. I got a bird's eye view of the Sagrada from one of the viewpoints in the park. This is when I realized how big Gaudi's project was, it took up a massive amount of space in the city. While you explore the park, you'll see various surrealistic looking structures. 

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Casa Mila (La Pedrera)

Casa Mila The Wandering Juan

Casa Mila or also known as La Pedrera was built some time around 1906-1912. The curves of the facade contrast with the usual straight cuts and lines of buildings you'll see everywhere else. The Casa ila is home to a restaurant, some boutiques, and a cultural center. Visitors can explore on their own or join a scheduled tour.

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Palau de la Musica Catalana

Palau de la Musica Catalana The Wandering Juan

This UNESCO-listed concert hall was built somewhere around 1905-1908. It has a beautiful Art Noveau design on the outside and inside. The attention grabbing facade showcases intricate ironwork, sculptures, and mosaics. Different genres of music are performed here such as jazz, pop, classical music and flamenco just to name a few. 

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Palau Guell

Palau Guell The Wandering Juan

Antoni Gaudi designed this mansion and it was built around the late 1880s. It is one of the UNESCO-listed works of the famous architect Gaudi. During its heyday, Palau Guell's main room was where high society guests were entertained. 

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Barcelona Cathedral

Catedral de la Santa Cruz y Santa Eulalia The Wandering Juan

The Catedral de la Santa Cruz y Santa Eulalia (or simply known as the Barcelona Cathedral) is a stunning piece of architecture in the city's Gothic Quarter. It follows Catalan Gothic architecture aesthetics and has intricate details on its facade. There are noteworthy religious works of art inside and centuries old Gothic choir and keystones. 

La Barceloneta

La Barceloneta The Wandering Juan

If you're looking for a place to hang out, this beach destination should be on your list. Its the ideal location to relax and unwind with some drinks or snacks in hand. Watch the sunset here or dip in the waters (during the summer). 

La Rambla

La Rambla The Wandering Juan

La Rambla The Wandering Juan

La Rambla The Wandering Juan

La Rambla is a walking street where you'll find several shops, cafes, restaurants and beautiful buildings. This area is a popular place to hang out in for both locals and tourists. However, beware of pickpockets. It also connects you to some of the city's attractions.

Gothic Quarter

Gothic Quarter The Wandering Juan

Gothic Quarter The Wandering Juan

Gothic Quarter The Wandering Juan

The Gothic Quarter or Barri Gothic has been the city's center for centuries. You'll see vestiges of Barcelona's ancient past mingline with modern day cafes, shops and restaurants as you weave in and out of its narrow alleys. You'll find quaint squares and pretty nooks that provide you with a glimpse of the city's vibrant past.

Placa del Rei

Placa del Rei The Wandering Juan

Placa del Rei The Wandering Juan

This beautiful, quaint spot within the Gothic Quarter is picture perfect. Here you'll find palaces, a centuries old chapel, and the Barcelona History Museum. The plaza is also a venue for some outdoor concerts. 


The Wandering Juan

The Wandering Juan

The Wandering Juan

The Wandering Juan

One of the things to do in Barcelona is eat, drink and be merry. The food is delicious and the drinks start flowing early. You have plenty of options to eat all kinds of food here. I tried the paella, croquetas, churros and other stuff during my stay. I couldn't remember all the places I ate at, but I loved each meal or snack I had (I'm a no fuss eater hehe).

These are only some of the things to do in Barcelona. There are other places and things to do which you can add to your itinerary. 

You can read my full guide here: budget and itinerary for Barcelona

Getting around Barcelona

It's easy to get around the city with the help of public transportation. I used a city pass to visit the attractions on my list. It saved me a lot of money as well because I didn't have to buy single tickets whenever I used the metro. The city pass has multi-day options for those who are planning to stay longer than 2 days. I would recommend getting a multi-day pass.

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