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Travel Guide Budget and Itinerary for Prague

Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe (just my opinion). It has an old world charm that I find appealing. The city's old town and attractions are within walking distance from each other. It's also convenient to get around the city on foot and by public transportation. 

Prague The Wandering Juan

Prague is definitely a city I would return to.

Travel Guide Budget and Itinerary for Prague

In my opinion, Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe I've been to. I would rank this city higher than Paris. The historic center oozes with old world charm (despite the number of tourists). The architecture is beautiful, there are plenty of cafes and restaurants, and many attractions to fill your days. The city is also a great place to simply do nothing and just hang out. 

Praha (the city's Czech name) comes from the word "prah" (an old Slavic word). This translates to "rapid" or "ford". Prague is centuries old and is home to many historic buildings and districts. Mozart used to live in the city. Other famous artists that called Prague home are Franz Kafka and Jaroslav Hasek. Prague has had an interesting history that spanned centuries that saw it ruled and governed by the Holy Roman Emperor, the Habsburgs, the Nazis, and the Soviet Union. The Red Army's occupation of the country ended in 1991. Fast forward to today the "city of a thousand spires" attracts tourists from all over the world.

Getting a Visa

You'll need a valid Schengen visa to enter Czechia. You could apply through other embassies and include this country in your itinerary. You can also send your application through the Czech Embassy via VFS Global. The requirements are similar regardless of where you apply.

Here's a link: how to get a Schengen visa for Filipinos

How to Get to Prague

There are numerous flights that land in Vaclav Havel Airport in Prague. The latter is the country's main airport. Book flights in advance to get the lowest possible fare. You can also enter the country by land. There are many train and bus connections that lead to Prague or other cities in Czechia. My go-to bus company is FlixBus. You can buy tickets here: www.flixbus.com

Get Out of the Airport

It's easy to get out of the airport to the city center. I took the Airport Express Bus to the city. Fare costs CZK 100. The trip took less than an hour. The bus was spacious (at least at the time of my arrival in the afternoon) and had space for luggage. You can take a taxi to your accommodation in the city for around CZK 750+++ depending on distance.

Things to Do and Places to See

When you start making your budget and itinerary for Prague, you'll realize that there are plenty of things to do and attractions that can fill your days in the city. Prague is home to plenty of historic destinations, beautiful architecture, and museums.

Prague Castle

Prague Castle The Wandering Juan

This palace complex used to be the residence of Bohemia's kings. Fast forward to today, it's now the residence of the country's president and is a popular tourist destination. This complex has a history that dates to 870 AD. It has undergone numerous renovations over the centuries. You'll find a number of tourist attractions within the walls of the palace such as St. Vitus Cathedral, Golden Lane, St. George's Basilica, and the Old Royal Palace. The complex also provides you with beautiful overlooking views of the city.

Entrance fee: CZK 250 for a Prague Castle combo ticket which includes St. Vitus Cathedral, Old Royal Palace, St. George's Basilica and the Golden Lane

You can buy a ticket at the ticket office or book online here: Prague Castle combo ticket

St. Vitus Cathedral

St. Vitus Cathedral The Wandering Juan

This beautiful Catholic cathedral is the country's most important and largest church. Many saints and kings are buried in it. Construction for the cathedral began in 1344 but took more than five centuries to finish. The architectural influences of the church include Neo-Gothic, Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque. 

Entrance fee: CZK 250 included in the Prague Castle combo ticket

You can book online here: Prague Castle combo ticket

St. Nicholas Church

St. Nicholas Church The Wandering Juan

St. Nicholas Church The Wandering Juan

This St. Nicholas Church in Mala Strana is a Baroque-influenced work of art. Construction of the church began in 1711 and finished in 1752. The church has a beautiful facade and interiors. Inside you'll find fetching frescoes and sculptures. 

Entrance fee: CZK 100

Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge The Wandering Juan

This centuries old bridge was built in 1357. It stretched to more than 600m and is lined with beautiful statues of prominent figures in history. Some of the statues you'll come across are of St, John of Nepomuk and Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV. The walk to either side of the bridge provides beautiful views of the river, old town and lesser quarter. The area is often full of people throughout the day. If you want few people obstructing your photos, go early in the morning.

Wenceslas Square

Wenceslas Square The Wandering Juan

You'll find this square in the city's new town. It got its name from Bohemia's patron saint, Wenceslas. Charles IV had the square built in the 14th century. The square has been the city's go-to location for demonstrations and celebrations. The area is home to many hotels, shops, restaurants and beautiful buildings. 

National Museum

National Museum The Wandering Juan

Like many other museums in the world, this one in Prague houses various collections and exhibits. The variety of fields that are on display include archaeology, music, zoology, anthropology, minerology and others. If museums are your thing, you can spend a day here.

Entrance fee: CZK 250


Klementinum The Wandering Juan

The Klementinum is home to millions of books. One of the main reasons people visit is to see the beautiful Baroque Library Hall. Go up the Astronomical Tower to get fetching overlooking views of the city. 

Entrance fee: CZK 300

Old Town Square

Old Town Square The Wandering Juan

Old Town Square The Wandering Juan

The historic center of the city is home to many centuries old buildings and exquisite architecture. You'll find the Tyn Church, Old Town Hall and the Astronomical Clock. Despite being a very touristy area, the Old Town Square is still quite charming. You should definitely add this to your budget and itinerary for Prague.

Astronomical Clock

Astronomical Clock The Wandering Juan

The Astronomical Clock dates to the 15th century and is one of the main draws found in the Old Town Square. Many visitors wait outside to see figures come out of the clock and do a short procession every hour. You can go inside the Astronomical Clock to learn more about it. Viewing it from the outside is free.

Entrance fee: CZK 300

You can book online here: Astronomical Clock ticket

The Church of Our Lady Before Tyn

Tyn Church The Wandering Juan

Tyn Church's most recognizable feature is its spires. Construction of the church finished in the 15th century. However, the church underwent many renovations from then until now. Inside you'll find beautiful altarpiece paintings, pipe organs, tombs, and sculptures. 

Strahov Monastery

Strahov Monastery The Wandering Juan

Strahov is the second oldest monastery in the city and has a history dating to the 12th century. The complex houses two Baroque Libraries which are the Philosophical Library and the Theological Library. Both contain beautiful ceiling paintings. 

Entrance fee: CZK 150 for the Strahov Library

The Dancing House

Dancing House The Wandering Juan

Frank Gehry designed this eye-catching piece of modern architecture in Prague. The unique curves of this building makes it look like it's dancing. 


Vyšehrad The Wandering Juan

This fortress provides overlooking views of the city Vltava River. It has a history dating to the 10th century. It used to be Vratislav II's royal residence. Before their coronation, the kings of ancient times stopped here to pay tribute to their forebears. 

Entrance fee: CZK 90 for the Basilica of St. Peter and St. Paul (photo above)

Other attractions you might be interested in include:

  • Kampa Island
  • Olšany Cemetery
  • National Theatre
  • Lennon Wall
  • Petrin Tower
  • Jewish Quarter
  • Municipal House
  • National Gallery

Getting around Prague

Prague is a "walkable" city with plenty of beautiful architecture. I spent hours walking to and from placesz. However, if you don't want to walk anymore or simply want to get to places faster, the city has an extensive and reliable public transportation network. You can buy a 24-hour transportation ticket for CZK 120 and a 72-hour ticket for CZK 330. You can use the ticket for all types of public transportation in the city such as trams and the metro. Don't forget to validate your ticket at one of the machines near the entrance. There's a hefty fine if you're caught taking public transportation without a ticket. 

Day Trips from Prague

If you're staying a bit longer in Prague, you have a few day trip options during your trip. I did some day trips form the city to see different parts of Czechia (it's one of my bucket list destinations), Prague is so centrally located you can actually do day trips to most destinations. There are several buses and trains going to and from the capital. 

You might be interested in these day trips:

Cesky Krumlov

Cesky Krumlov The Wandering Juan

Cesky Krumlov is a quaint destination that has a UNESCO-listed historic center. It's centuries old but is a well-preserved destination popular with both locals and tourists. Some of the noteworthy places in town are the Church of St. Vitus, Cesky Krumlov Castle, and the Minorite Monastery. There are several cafes, restaurants, and shops. Make sure to go up to the castle to get overlooking views of the town.

How to go: There are several buses that go directly to Cesky Krumlov and back to Prague. Buy tickets early because they tend to sell out quickly, especiall over the weekend and local holidays. 

Book a bus ticket through: www.flixbus.com

Cesky Krumlov is easy to DIY, but if you prefer going on a tour, book here: Cesky Krumlov Full Day Trip from Prague

Kutna Hora

Kutna Hora The Wandering Juan

Kutna Hora is another destination you can visit as a day trip from Prague. This used to have a thriving mining industry that led to the town's prosperity a few centuries ago. Its historic town center, the Church of St. Barbara (photo above), and the Cathedral of Our Lady at Sedlec are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. There's a combo ticket for both churches for CZK 300. The ticket also includes probably the most famous attraction in Kutna Hora, the Sedlec Ossuary. Sadly, it's no longer allowed to take pictures inside the ossuary where you'll find the bone chapel.

How to go: There are regular train schedules from Prague to Kutna Hora. You can easily buy a ticket on the day of your trip. The attractions in town are within walking distance. There are buses from the station to the town, if you don't want to walk or if you're on a tight schedule.

You can book a tour here: Half-day Trip to Kutna Hora


Brno The Wandering Juan

Brno is a South Moravian city a few hours away from Prague. It's the second biggest city in Czechia. Some of the attractions you can visit during a day trip include the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul, Spilberk Castle, Tugendhat Villa, and the Church of St. James and the Brno Ossuary just to name a few.

How to go: There are regular bus trips to Brno from Prague throughout the day.

You can book a bus ticket here: www.flixbus.com

Where to Stay in Prague

Whenever you plan your budget and itinerary for Prague, you have plenty of options when it comes to accommodation. I stayed at Czech Inn and Prague Dream Hostel. I usually stay in dorm rooms since I'm out most of the day anyway. Dorms are also social places where I can meet other travelers (plus they're always cheaper than a private room!). Some accommodations already include the city tax in their prices, while others ask you to pay for it upon check-in. You can find affordable private rooms as well. I often book through www.booking.com.  


Budget for Prague

Prague isn't exactly a super cheap city, but it's affordable and you get good value for the money you spend on accommodation, food, things to do, and attractions. 

Here's a list of the things I spent on that can help you plan your budget and itinerary for Prague.

Everything's in CZK

100 - Airport Express

1934 - 4 nights dorm type accommodation

150 - city tax for 3 nights

299 - 15 GB data and SIM card

2071.40 - food and drinks

300 - Klementinum entrance fee

100 - St. Nicholas Church entrance fee

250 - Prague Castle combo ticket

474 - Miscellaneous (laundry, one way transportation, souvenirs, etc.)

240 - 2 24 hours transportation passes

209 - Bus to Cesky Krumlov

25 - Bus to Ceske Budejovice from Cesky Krumlov

209 - Train from Ceske Budejovice to Prague

985 - Bus to Nuremberg

122 - Train to Kutna Hora

122 - Train to Prague from Kutna Hora

160 - Sedlec Ossuary and Cathedral of Our Lady Assumption entrance fee

160 - St. Barbara Cathedral

245 - Bus to Brno                                                         

8155.40 - Total for 5 days and 4 nights

***Prices might change because of a variety of factors such as inflation, the season you visit, government laws, etc. 

You could definitely spend less than I did during my stay in Prague. I wasn't exactly trying to spend as little as possible during this leg of my trip. I often ate in restaurants, had dessert and drinks often. I also did a few day trips that increased my expenses. Prague (and Czechia in general) is a good value destination. There are budget options, but if you have a bit more in your budget, you'll be able to stretch your money. I would definitely return to Prague in the future. A safe budget per day would be around CZK 1500 or roughly € 60. 

Other places in Europe you might want to visit:

Itinerary for Prague

Prague is a beautiful city you could spend days in. However, if you only have 4 days you could see the highlights and go on at least one day trip.

Here's a sample itinerary for Prague.

Day 1

Wenceslas Square

National Museum

Astronomical Clock

Tyn Church


Day 2

Charles Bridge

Prague Castle 

St. Vitus Cathedral

Strahov Monastery

Lennon Wall

Day 3

Trip to Cesky Krumlov

Day 4

Dancing House 


This is only a sample itinerary, you can add or remove attractions based on your interests. You could simply just hang out in the city and try the cafes and restaurants in the city. 

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