Conquering Mountains: Mt. Pico de Loro

After my first hike up a mountain in Mt. Pinatubo, I just can't help but keep climbing and hiking mountains. My 2nd climb was in Mt. Pico de Loro. Since I had no idea how to do a do-it-yourself hike my friends and I decided to book a tour with Trailadventours. The meeting place for the start of the trek was in McDonald's, El Pueblo. The call time was at a gruesome hour, 3AM! With little to no sleep and a bit of a cold I soldiered on and joined my friends.

The almost 3 hour ride to the jump-off point gave all of us time to rest our obviously sleep deprived bodies.

The Trailadventourers looking fresh before the hike
Mt. Pico de Loro is not as high as other mountains at 664 MASL but despite its lack in height it more than made up for it with a difficult trail to the summit. For this was only my second hike up a mountain I found the trek up quite challenging compared to Pinatubo. Pico de Loro's trail was steeper in most parts compared to Mt. Pinatubo's. But despite its steep incline, the trail was still manageable. Since my friends and I joined a tour group I didn't know how much the fees cost and how you can get there through public transportation. Luckily, Pinoy Mountaineer offers directions and other tips about scaling trekking Mt. Pico de Loro.

Going up the trail 

At the summit

Looking at Parrot's Beak
The cove

Just chilling

My impression of the Corcovado
That wraps up my adventure to the top of Mt. Pico de Loro. The trip up and down the mountain took 6-7 hours, but if you are fast and agile it could take less. This is definitely not the last time I'll climb a mountain. 



  1. wow.. nice travel blog :) this one can help in giving tips and ideas.. At featured kami haha.. Thanks joshua.. :)

  2. yes, this is a very nice blog. :) helpful, informative, and interesting. Nakakarelate mga normal Filipinos who have a meager budget for travels. Thanks Joshua!

  3. the photos just looks so wonderful! i would love to hiking like this also!! but too bad I can anymore!

  4. Wow! Envious here. I wish to try it out myself too.

  5. It really feels good to be on top of the summit. It makes the trek worth it.

  6. Breathtaking! The view of the nature below is just so perfect! I could just smell the fresh air and relax a bit. If given a chance, I would love to climb in a mountain.. with a proper preparation of course!

    Why don't you try Mt. Apo here in Davao! I'm sure you'll have fun! :D

  7. I always want to try hiking, specially with great people around. I think I only tried it once with my old friends. I better plan my next trekking.. I know this is fun...

  8. indeed a nice place, i hope i can get a chance to trek a mountain again but my legs easily get cramps this days.

  9. WoW! another Pico de Loro post! Got interested to hike and explore this spot, dami ko na nabasang post featuring this and consistent ang ganda ng view:) katakot yung pag upo sa edge!

  10. As far as I can remember, the last time I hiked was in Negros Oriental's Japanese Shrine. And of course, Casaroro Falls. :)

  11. You have a wonderful experience here Wandering Juan. Now you're not wondering but mesmerizing.

  12. that's one satisfying adventure you have there. about you're just just chilling pic... that's a tough one to chill... LOL. Yahweh bless.

  13. I must say that I loved your cliff edge photos. You never looked sleep deprived too. :)

  14. I am so envious of you since you can climb mountain/s so easily. Ode day I will reach the peak of Pico de Loro! :)

  15. I have only conquered China's mountains but not the Philippines'. Haha. Somehow the feeling is fulfilling but there is really nothing to be seen there. From above, of course we'd know that we will have a large view of the entire town/population and feel like we are near to the skies.

  16. I only climb Smokey Mountains but never reach its summit.. Ano feeling when you're chilling at its summit. Grabe, how I wish to experience such fun adventure.

  17. @papeleng: it was definitely an exciting feeling to conquer the summit after a grueling trek up.

  18. I've never had any mountain climb experience. Hope I could do one someday! :)

  19. Breathtaking view! I'm sure you enjoyed the hike.. looking forward for more of your mountain hiking experiences here..

  20. Great shots! It looks like a humid climb, being that near to a body of water. I love hiking and low-level mountains but with advanced trails are my favorites. Good challenge for the body and a great feeling of accomplishment at the top!

  21. Great adventure, I haven't tried this yet. But I am eager to experience climbing mountains.

  22. Haven't tried mountain hiking. I guess I must experience it before age takes one me.

  23. Look at how beautiful your pictures are. Nature is surely one amazing gift from God to the world...!!!

  24. Frm: P5...
    Pico de Loro where comin'... Watch-out on March 17, 2013...

  25. SEA Games! Haha!
    I take Trail Adventours for difficult commute/climbs too, like for Pulag and Cinco Picos. The transpo and convenience are well worth it... and you get to meet new friends!

    I really liked Pico de Loro since it's a jungle trail (compared to talahib trails with direct sunlight), AND it's an easy commute. You can go there over the weekend by taking a bus from Coastal Mall to Ternate.

    Anyway, that's my mountain of choice whenever I feel like taking a quick mountaineering trip.

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