The Bridge Over the River Kwai and a Trip Down Memory Lane

After the chaotic Floating Market, I went to the Bridge Over the River Kwai in Kanchanaburi. The actual bridge was already destroyed but a new, albeit symbolic one, was erected. Our first stop was in the Jeath War Museum. The entrance fee to the museum cost 40 Baht.

National pride displayed by the Thais. 

The Jeath War Museum held several new paper clips, weapons, and other items that showed the hard times that many Allied soldiers faced during World War II. The displays depicted the trials and the hard times that the soldiers had t get through to finish the bridge, which was eventually destroyed during the war.

In another part of the museum, there were displays about the history fo Thailand and the many wars it faced against the Chinese, Burmese, and the Khmer. The country managed to bond togther at crucial times to protect what was theirs from the foreign invaders. 

After the museum I decided to see the famous Bridge Over the River Kwai.

Honestly, the bridge wasn't impressive but it was more of symbolic for the people who knew soldiers or were relatives of those soldiers that survived and lived during that fateful day. The Bridge was touristy to say the least. There were a lot of people walking back and forth so it was hard to get a photo without anyone walking behind you or the shot you want to take. The Bridge Over the River Kwai and the museum are worthwhile stops for the history buff. As this was the last day I had in Thailand, I went back to my hostel to unwind and relax before my flight back home.It was an awesome 4 days and 3 nights in Thailand and I will definitely be going back. That wraps up my trip on November 10-13, 2012.



  1. It's the story / history that adds value to an infrastructure especially if it's been to a lot. The shot with the old train looks so cool.

  2. Interesting place in Thailand. How i wish locals in the Phils and the LGU learn from this in preserving their heritage and history . Things that happened in past is the reason for the existence of the present time.

  3. Museums are always great to be included in itineraries as it is a good start to know the culture, people, and history of a city :-)

  4. Great WW II memorabilia. I first encountered The Bridge at River Kwai in an old war movie.

  5. Although the bridge is not the original one... it symbolizes countless memories of the past that somehow explain how this place and people have survived the war. A significant part of Thailand's history that tourists from around the world should know about.

  6. If I'm not mistaken, Bridge Over the River Kwai was also the title of a Hollywood movie, right? I haven't watched it yet but now I know it's in Thailand. Looking forward to visiting it sometime soon:> Thanks for sharing Wanderer Juan.

  7. I'm usually drawn with old, rustic structures. It's sad though because I could've enjoyed seeing and being in this area as well, back when I visited Thailand.

  8. given the chance to visit Thailand, I will drop here and experience the emotions while looking and imagining the stories behind that historical bridge.

  9. What I like more is that, they don't restrict tourists in taking pictures for personal keep. ^_^

  10. I remember seeing that hollywood movie by that title...... I hope I can find time to include this historical structure in my itinerary when I visit Thailand this year.

  11. we're gonna be back in thailand this november! hope to see all the places that's in your blog here!! excited to visit again!

  12. Big in history that is..
    Places like this, though very impressive would need careful presentation so that the younger generations would keep in mind the rich history it upholds.

  13. Thailand really is rich with history and culture. I hope one day I could also visit this Jeath war museum. I found the bridge impressive as opposed to what you have said, but everybody is entitled with their own opinion though.

  14. Makes me want to go to Thailand and have my outfit shots taken at the bridge. =)

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