When the Lights Go Out in Bangkok

The lights dim, and the shadows rise from the streets for a moment the city of Bangkok is shrouded in darkness. Then out of the darkness shards of light glimmer and release their luminescence lighting up the skies and brightening up the streets.


Bangkok literally and figuratively lights up at night. If you visit the temples anytime after 6:30 PM, you will be treated to a visual delight. The temples will turn golden or silver depending on the lighting used on them. The most spectacular of them all is the Grand Palace while Wat Arun is a close second.

Wat Arun

Wat Arun

Wat Arun

Grand Palace

Grand Palace

Grand Palace

Grand Palace

Grand Palace

The temples were not the only ones that lit up the night sky in Bangkok even the shops, bars, restaurants, and everything in between was lit up. The place that stood out the most was Khao San Road the place metamorphosed into a vibrant night scene by 7PM, no wonder why so many foreigners come to that part of the city.

From this:

Khao San Road in the morning
To this:

The music boomed and thumped, people drank, ate, and all sorts of languages rhymed to a funky beat as the night went deeper and deeper. Little did I know that this tiangge looking place with its food stalls, and push carts had such a vibrant night life that explodes EVERY night. During my entire stay in Bangkok it seemed like there was a party every night in Khao San Road. My friend who lived there said that there is no other place in Bangkok like Khao San Road. I'm not exactly a party person, I prefer going outdoors than party the night away but for the party goer this is the place to be.

Everything seemed to be on sale from women, lady boys, clothes, food, beer, foot massages, and anything else. The area also had a strange mix of people from the bachelors, groups of women, and families with their kids from different countries and various walks of life. There was really nothing quite like it (pardon the exaggeration since I'm only a rookie traveler). There is something about chaos, noise, foreign speaking women, and exotic food that draws foreigners to Bangkok.  

I also found some strange signs that lit up in neon colors while I was curiously wandering the vibrant night life of Khao San...

This sign was very specific on what it was, very shrewd marketing. 

Sex sells I suppose.

On another side of Khao San Road...

Soi Rambuttri is more my place because of its ambiance. Its not the same party/chaotic vibe that Khao San Road emanates. This part of town is more tame in comparison, you could easily eat, chill here, have a bite, or have a nice conversation. I decided to eat here during my last night in Bangkok definitely a good place to eat different kinds of dishes, I tried Thai food of course that cost me 100 Baht.

You don't have to leave Bangkok to get the most out of Thailand. The city itself provides you with plenty to do aside from the usual food/temple tripping. Bangkok offers two different stories that you can dive into and explore for yourself in the morning and at night. Bangkok definitely lights up in more ways than one when the sun falls and night arrives.



  1. Anonymous December 7, 2012 5:54 PM
    Thank you for visiting Thailand.
    there are many great place outside BKK, hope you come to visit other part of Thailand next time.
    Sorry for those scammer tuk tuk or taxi.

    I wish i would visit Philiipines someday.

  2. Anonymous I went to other places outside of BKK, I've been to Kanchanaburi, Damnoen Saduak and Ayutthaya which were all good places to visit, I hope you do come visit the Philippines someday :D

  3. Bangkok is even more beautiful at night time and would like to try the night life there too.

  4. above all the cities i've been to bangkok is the busiest ones and the most lighly recommended to go around when its night time. xx

  5. Thailand is so pretty at night I agree. Did you try the Lady Boy massage? It is awesome. A culture shock and an experience in one :)

  6. @Cher: I didn't try the lady boy massage I'm not that adventurous haha

  7. Temples looks like gold in Bangkok, It is amazing how light transforms a simple to a dashing scenery.

  8. Great arches! I'm in awe of them, especially that they look so exquistely oriental.

  9. It will be an excellent night experience in Bangkok. Maybe, one time I'll try to visit Bangkok soon.

  10. Those pagodas and temple flash their majestic beauties at nightfall. Nice photos.

  11. Bangkok is definitely alive at night. :) What thai food did you tried?

  12. @Tripsiders: I tried the Tom Yam, Pad Thai, some rice-based dishes, I forget the others but they were all good.

  13. their temples really makes you feel that you are in a foreign land... but the tiangge seems like home... hahaha. Yahweh bless.

  14. Bangkok is really beautiful at night with the lighted palace and temples and also the night life in the area.

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