Biri Island

Biri Island was never on my list of places to go to, in fact I have never even heard of the place, but when I saw photos of its landscape, rock formations, and lakes --- I was turned into a believer. I impulsively bought tickets to Catarman from Airphilexpress last December, and planned my trip to Biri, Island. Good thing my friend decided to tag along, since traveling solo anywhere can be expensive as I've learned from my previous trips.

I'm not exactly organized when it comes to creating an itinerary, I just take note of places I want to visit and just do whatever once I'm there, the trip to Biri was no exception. I just noted down the rock formations namely: Magasang, Macadlaw, Magsapad, Puhunan, Caranas, and Belat. 

The excitement died down when we touched down on Catarman airport. The airport was a mess to say the least. Dilapidated walls, cracked floors, poor lighting, and no concrete landing strip. And to top it all off the weather was bad with dark skies and strong winds. Everything pointed to a disaster but still my friend and I soldiered on.

The one hour, P50 jeep ride to Lavezares was uneventful but the boat ride to Biri was an adventure in itself. We paid P100 to the boatman and boarded a fishing boat to cross the open seas. The winds were lashing and the waves rocking the boat up and down. Salt water splashed on our faces as we braved the seas to get to paradise.

We finally touched down at Sto. Nino port in Biri Island, we headed to our hotel Biri Dive Resort. After resting for a few hours we decided to go to the rock formations.

Biri Dive Resort
Pay the P50 Tourism Fee before visiting the rock formations
I thought that we would regret visiting the rock formations at this time because of the poor weather, but upon reaching the site, we realized braving the seas and overcoming the bad weather was definitely worth it.

Belat Lake
Belat Lake
Belat Lake
Belat Lake

Belat Lake
I could not stop taking pictures of the place, it was just picturesque and raw. Only God and nature could have created this place. The natural grooves and formations of the rocks and landscapes were formed by the fierce waves, wind, and tectonic activity that took place for more than millions of years. Despite the poor weather and bad lighting, the rock formations of Belat, Puhunan, and, Caranas still managed to instill awe in me. 

The different rock formations reminds me of a sci-fi novel wherein the author describes an alien planet. The different rock formations are the masterpieces of nature. Its shapes are abstract and leaves plenty for the imagination. 

After visiting the iconic Belat Lake we moved to the other rock formations on the other side. 

Magasang Rock

The intense winds and waves created a spectacular show of nature's rawness and fury. After a few hours we decided to call it a day since the tide was rising and the winds still blowing intensely. Biri Island's rock formations are definitely a sight to behold, I hope that I could return with better weather to take in the natural and raw beauty of this place.



  1. Biri is definitely on my bucket list but it's a little difficult to go there. Reading about how disappointing the airport is won't make me change my mind. I'll make sure I go there by summer to take advantage of good weather. =)

  2. It's true when you said you can't stop taking pictures of the place because everything is just magnificent -- forms of nature! :) What a wonder, truly.

  3. The Belat lake looks so majestic... I'm going to include this on my travel dreams list! :)

  4. There are times when I don't bring my camera whenever I visit beautiful sites. Sometimes kasi, it's better to just have a memory of the place. :)

  5. This is like a deserted island where travelers are lost. :O Biri reminds me of our doll whose named "Biri," short for strawberry.

  6. The different rock formation was amazing. It reminds me of Yehliu in Taiwan where there's a rock formation of a Queen's head. Biri may even be better with the lakes and beaches.

  7. sadly, our airports are really disappointing. it's part of traveling i hate most in the Philippines. Good thing the destinations always make up 10 folds to the airports! :) amazing rock formation.. nag there's something about the lakes that makes a perfect setting for a movie haha

  8. This post made me curious enough to Google more information about Biri Island. And i must say this is one of the tourist destination in the Philippines that DOT should develop and maintain especially the large number of unusual rock formations along the northern shore. :)

  9. my sister shared her photos about this place and it so beautiful and I hope that I can visit this place. It has a mysterious and beautiful rock formation.

  10. Seen a lot of photos and read 3 to 4 blog posts(including this)about Biri Rock formations- One word "Interesting". Lapit ko lang dito - isang tawid lang... given the time en travel budget now pupuntahan ko na to. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Somebody told me about Biri Island before. But I never really bothered to look it up. But seeing your pictures, the place is magnificent. Definitely in my bucket list. :)

  12. The rock formations are a sight to behold. Such beauty can only be the handwork of God.

  13. A MUST-see place nga! Those rock formations are really awesome. World class. No wonder you took dozens of photos of them.

  14. This tourist destination is really amazing and for nature lovers like me, I won't mind the airport as long as I can also visit this beautiful rock formations. But of course, it's better kung maganda din ang airport.

  15. nice rock formations! indeed so worth it after braving the bad weather! kudos for exploring amazing places like there's something in your way nothing can stop you!

  16. I feel so different looking at your photos. Like I am an alien to my country. Hahahaha...first time to hear about BIRI ISLAND. Really this island still belong to Philippines? The Rock formation are marvelous!

  17. What amazing rock formations you have there. I thought for a moment that they were from the hundred islands - yeah I am poor in geography :/ It is nice that you braved the rough seas to experience the beauty of nature in these stunning rocks.

  18. Breathtaking rock formations. The P50 fee is not bad, if they use it for the development of the place.

  19. Beautiful rock formation indeed and 50 pesos is not bad.

  20. so adventurous of for me, I would not dare since I am not the wilderness type. But still the rock formations are indeed awesome.

  21. one day i will find my eyes feasting on those rock formations .with such wonder , i don't know what kind of crazy photo i would be doing ..

  22. Wow! Biri Island sure has a lot of beautiful rock formations. I'm never one who's easily struck in awe, but I think I'd love to visit the island some time in the future :)

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