Sagada Chronicles: Pongas Falls and Cave Connection

After indulging ourselves on scrumptious meals and desserts from Sagada we went on a trek to Pongas Falls to enjoy the wonder of nature. The rolling hills, green blanket of trees, small falls, streams, and rice fields were a feast for the eyes. The trek was a bit tricky because of the narrow pathways we crossed but it was well worth it because of the view.

The trek to Pongas Falls lasted about 1 to 2 hours. After the trek we were greeted by the enchanting sight of Pongas Falls.

The water was freezing cold but it was still a fulfilling dip after a tiring trek.

A trip to Sagada won't be complete without visiting any of the caves. Our group decided to do the Cave Connection from Lumiang to Sumaging.

Entrance to Lumiang Cave

The first cave we entered was the Lumiang Burial Cave. The entrance contained several coffins that dated back hundreds of years. The tradition was that the coffins were not buried because the ancient tribes did not know how to bury the coffins underground. The locals also believed that the souls of the dead still roamed the earth and are in the air, water, and other elements.

The descent down Lumaing Cave was the hardest in the Cave Connection. We had to pass through narrow passages that had jagged rocks and slippery stones. The adventure to Sumaging Cave consisted of rope climbing and mini repelling. During the whole time we only used light from a kerosene lamp and some head lights. The guides were there to tell us what to do to avoid any accidents.

The highlight of the entire cave connection adventure was Sumaging Cave. Sumaging contained various rocks that had unique formations.

Unlighted Sumaging Cave

The rock formations were truly a wonder to behold. You will need to use a little of your imagination to see the things that the rock formations take shape. I always have this tendency to avoid going to an attraction or an activity whenever I travel, because for me it adds to a place's mystique. There is something mysterious about an unfinished book or a place you never entered or an activity that you chose not to do. It also gives you a reason to return. I will definitely return to Sumaging Caves to go to the tunnels and see the stalagmites and stalactites and explore the other things to do in Sagada.

The cave connection was definitely the highlight of my entire trip to Sagada!

"The love of form is a love of endings." - Louise Gluck



  1. wow na wow, sana makapunta din ako dyan :(

  2. This should be in my "soon to visit" list, I am really amazed with those coffins, I remember that was featured in Nat Geo before!!!

  3. Sagada is really amazing with its falls and cave formations. I hope to visit the place soon.

  4. the cave looks wonderful! i always tell my husband to go philippines and visit those mgnificent caves compare to what i've seen so far! xx

  5. Wow! fascinating photos specially those of the falls and caves.

  6. Sagada is one of my favorite destinations in the Philippines. The sceneries, the people and the food were just awesome. I also did the cave connection in one of my visits and it was such a great experience.

  7. The caves and the falls are really beautiful, hope to visit that places in the future

  8. I'm regretting backing out in visiting Sagada, after seeing your photos and descriptions. I was supposed to tag along with a friend back in July. But due to bad weather, I declined from the trip. She's going back this weekend and I had to decline yet again. But I'm sure that I'll be able to see this wonderful place soon.

  9. Sagada is the place if you want to explore some beautiful caves in the Philippines..:)

    How much did you pay for the tour in the cave?

  10. @Tripsiders: The fee for the guide and cave connection will depend on the number of participants. For 1-2 persons its P800, for 3 its P1200, and for 4 or more persons its P400 per person.

  11. A dream trip for me. I've always wanted to visit the place someday.

  12. Another places to add on my Sagada trip soon (hopefully this year).

  13. never been to Sagada and probably never it is a treat to read about it thru the eyes of another. Those caves are beautiful but scary!

  14. Wow! I would really love to go to Sagada, but they said super buwis buhay daw ang travel papunta dun? How was the roads? Thanks

  15. @Quima: yung road papunta doon zigzag talaga at narrow pa, ang baba ng barrier ng road from the ledge, atmay parts na nalandslide kaya minsan isang lane lang ang daanan ng kotse haha

  16. This is just spectacular. I hope to go there soon. Sagada will now be part of my travel-list from now on. :)

  17. We're planning to go to Sagada before the month ends. Can't wait to see these beautiful rock formations. This is a treasure that we must preserve to give the future generation a chance to appreciate it.

  18. I've been wanting to visit Sagada.. and hopefully it will happen this year.. i will bookmark this post. Nice read!

  19. amazing ! sagada is really one of my wishes ! always reading stoies and looking at sagada's pictures . . . . rock formations . . . oh my! you are really lucky one !

  20. You should try cave connection..
    Its way more adventurous.
    I'd done both Lumiang Cave and the Sumaging-Lumiang Cave connections.
    Sagada is really the home of some of most magnificent caves.
    Pongas Falls is something new for me.
    Its not equally a huge as the Big falls of Bomod-ok.
    But I guess, being that this is in Mountain Province, its just as cold and refreshing after taking a long trekk

  21. @Francis: yes I've tried the cave connection it was a one of a kind experience.

  22. The falls looks so great. The cave looks so enchanting. Nice place indeed!

  23. it's amazing how nature can form such wonderful sights..How i wish sagada is not so far from us, i would really want to see those rock formations.Yahweh bless

  24. For some mystical reason, sagada remains my favorite destination :)I truly miss the place, the food and the people, planning to visit anytime soon.

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