Coron Chronicles: Lagoons & Beaches

The Mystique of Kayangan lake

The new day was just over the horizon as the sun's finger tips traced the linings of the karst rock formations across the sea. There it was in the near distance, paradise.

Kayangan Lake
There was a long delay before we started our island hopping tour. It took almost an hour before the tour started from the time we arrived. There was another 15 minutes before we got to Kayangan Lake. There was a short hike up stone steps before we were rewarded with the fantastic view of Kayangan Lake. The view was simply awe-inspiring.

Kayangan Lake is dubbed as the cleanest lake in the Philippines. The clear, emerald colored waters enticed me to dive in and swim. You can clearly see the bottom of the lake once you are in the water.

Kayangan Lake
The lake was part salty and fresh which made it easier for me to swim around in it. The refreshing cool waters soothed and reinvigorated my body.

Kayangan Lake
Behind the Rock Formations: The Twin Lagoon

There is a hidden beauty behind the scars of the earth. The towering karst rock formations were carefully shaped and molded by nature through time. Behind these stone curtains lies an inner beauty that no words can describe.

Twin Lagoon
Thew jagged rocks and clear blue waters created a magnificent contrast in beauty. The leaping rock formations and its scars meshed well with the calm emerald waters below it. I couldn't help but look and take in what this lagoon had to offer.

Twin Lagoon
Walking through the narrow walk way that led to the lagoon was worth a prelude to what it had to offer inside. The emerald waters were calm and enticing the moment I laid my eyes on it. The water was deep so I decided to keep the life vest on when I swam in its cool waters.

Twin Lagoon
I couldn't help but look up at the karst rock formations that housed the lagoon I was swimming in.

Twin Lagoon
Before I left this magnificent place, I had to take a picture and permanently store it in my memory.

The Hidden Lagoon

There are plenty of lagoons scattered all over the islands surrounding Coron. The tour I took made its way to Hidden Lagoon.

Hidden Lagoon
Hidden Lagoon is not as impressive as Kayangan Lake or Twin Lagoon, but it was beautiful in its own right.

Hidden Lagoon
The cool. emerald waters was a nice place to swim in.

Hidden Lagoon
Yes, there are a lot of karst rock formations in hidden lagoon as well.

CYC Beach
Aside from magnificent landscapes and lagoons, Coron is also home to beautiful beaches. One of the beaches I got to visit was CYC Beach.

CYC Beach
The clear waters and fine white sand created a relaxing atmosphere.

CYC Beach
There were also mangroves growing on CYC Beach that added to its landscape. Lounging and bathing on this beach was not only relaxing but fun as well.

Smith Beach

There is an island sitting on the middle of the ocean where the beauty of nature is shrouded by fierce karst rock formations that are beautiful in their own right.

Smith Beach
Smith Beach may be a small beach surrounded by gigantic karst rock formations, but despite its small size it was still good looking and a nice place to relax and unwind in.

Smith Beach
The clear, calm waters were more than enough to skip heartbeats. The fine white sand tickling your toes adds to the ambiance. The surrounding karst rock formations creates a beautiful contrast with the serene atmosphere. Who would've known that the scars of the earth could be so awe inspiring?

Smith Beach
Eating lunch in one of those huts on a daily basis would be a dream come true.



  1. Ah Coron. Mapupuntahan rin kita balang araw. :-)

  2. Definitely ultimate destination for me ....Dyan din aq one of these days!!!

    Thanks for the blog Bojs!

  3. Kayangan Lake is the best! This destination should be included when looking for a Coron island hopping package..

  4. Oh my gawd! kung may pera lang ako, ipapalipad ko buong family ko dito! damn, ang ganda!

  5. this lake is a real nice place to spend a holiday.

  6. I'm scheduled to go to Coron this June. I can hardly wait...

  7. Wow, like the Twin Lagoon photo. Looks majestic and supreby clean. Been to Coron but don't have the time to explore the islands. Thankful that you blog about it. Have something to check on our next visit.

  8. Coron is really rich in really scenic natural attraction. I am happy to have the chance to see this places too.

  9. very nice! my husband would liking to see t his and my self too! looking forward to an escapade back in philippines lov e the photos! xx

  10. Truly amazing, I really like Palawan, I haven't been to Coron but pretty sure the time I go back to Palawan I should visit Coron or El Nido

  11. Truly a perfect to unwind. Great scenery.

  12. Visiting Coron would have to be one of my 2012 highlights. I loved the fact that there were so many adventures that one could traverse on, especially the hike towards Kayangan Lake, and the claustrophobic entry/exit at Twin Lagoon. I suddenly miss the island!

  13. I really like the twin lagoon and swimming around both lagoons.

  14. these are the hidden pride of the Philippines. i guess everyone wishes to be tour to all of those stunning places. .

  15. wow, from the looks of the photos seems like it's not too crowded (which is good) or did you just happen to have a good eye for the right angle (tehee),,, anyway thanks for this very nice post

  16. Someday will meet each other Coron and I will have lots of fun with my friends.

  17. Coron, Palawan is indeed a very wonderful place! I better set my sail to Coron soon! :)

  18. CORON is such a paradise that I wish to visit someday. I just don't get enough of looking at my brother's photos of this majestic island.

  19. The places are magnificent ! And you have written a nice post !

  20. Coron is on my list for places to visit hopefully next year.

  21. Majestic Coron. How I wish I could visit you.

  22. wow, that is breath taking place. I can stay there all day swimming and fishing.

  23. Oh my gosh so beautiful. I hope people will be responsible enough to keep it clean. I want to go there too.

  24. I wish I can visit Coron soon with my family... Inggit ako sobra!

  25. Wow, so beautiful! I hope they'll br able to maintain the natural state and cleanliness of the place.

  26. Palawan indeed is a marvelous place and Coron is one of them.

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