Underwater in Dumaguete

We had half a day in Dumaguete before our flight back to Manila. My friends and I initially planned to go to Apo Island but when we got to the port we just missed the boat going to Apo Island by a few minutes. We would've made it if not for the mishap with the tricycle driver wherein he passed the turn to Apo Island. After the futile attempt to wait for another boat, we decided to heed the advice of one of the locals who told us to drop by Poblacion 1 (District 1) Marine Sanctuary in Dauin. 

The trip was worth it because I got to snorkel and see different kinds of fish just by the shore line.

It was my first time snorkeling so I got a little excited with taking shots of anything I saw underwater.

There were more colored fish swimming just right at our feet.

I also spotted different colored corals just by the shore line.

We were fortunate to find different kinds of colored fish and corals not too far from the shore. There were other kinds of fish and corals farther out but I wasn't too comfortable with snorkeling too far out because it was my first time. There were also scuba divers riding out on boats. We could see Apo island from where we were snorkeling. I then found out that Apo island is also in the same district as Dauin. So it was not surprising to see that some of the fishes and corals were spotted in District 1 Marine Sanctuary.

We spent our last few hours in Dumaguete and watched the sun set in District 1. Next time, I'd like to stay longer in Dumaguete to explore more of the experiences that this province has to offer.

How to Get to District 1 Marine Sanctuary

Dauin is easy to get to from Dumaguete City. Take a P9 tricycle to the bus terminal. Ride the Ceres Liner to Dauin for P30 one way. There is a sign that says Poblacion 1 (District 1), Dauin. Walk the street till you reach the beach area. There is a P10 entrance fee and P75 for the snorkeling gear if you don't have your own equipment. 



  1. I cannot leave this post without commenting. I miss Dumaguete! I hope to go back there soon. Glad that you enjoyed your time there. :D

  2. Wow, it is so cheap to snorkel there! Sad to know you missed the boat to Apo Island, then again, Dauin also looks wonderful. That will be a destination I'll remember next time I go to Dumaguete/Siquijor.

  3. I love snorkeling, tho i really don't enjoy it when I see the deep part. It's already scary, but something like this which is shallow is okay...

  4. my favorite thing to do in coral reef formations ... snorkeling and diving ... it's just it is hard for me to go deeper as my body floats on its own ... hahaha no need for life vest...lol

  5. The first and last time i ever experienced snorkling was in Puerto Gallera with college friends (2006) and twas amazing! I wish i can do it again and this time in Dauin's Marine Sanctuary. :)

  6. Dumaguete has a very rich marine life. It must have been fun to snorkel in the area.

  7. Namiss ko ang snorkeling sa Cebu! Been to Dumaguete many times when I was assigned in South Cebu- sarap din mag whale watching dyan

  8. love the underwateR! haven't tried this before since i am scared to go close to the ocean or even doing this hehe xx

  9. Dumaguete they say is one of the must see in the Philippines especially if you like to snorkel a lot to see the underwater scenery. I bet it surely fun being here and me snorkeling. I last did this when I visited the Hundred Islands.

  10. If you've been to Apo Island because of the mishap of the tricy then you wouldn't have experience underwater, should I say everything happens for reason? :) Cheers to all these adventures, Godbless!

  11. nice sanctuary!
    more nemo's(clown fish) means more anemones.
    I guess mishaps happen for a reason.
    You still get to enjoy this side trip instead

  12. I wanted to experience an underwater reincarnation by joining the sea. So mental but spiritually fulfilling!

  13. This is why, Philippines is one of the country that need to be protected in terms of marine wealthiness.

  14. Though not an A-1 photos but still the images portray Dumaguete's rich marine life. I see Nemo's.

  15. Dumaguete is such a great place for underwater getaway. Nice to see nemo and other pretty fishes.

  16. One cool underwater adventure in Dumaguete!

  17. I also was not able to go to Apo Island when I visited Dumaguete. The same with Dauin. But this is not bad as a replacement of Apo Island. I have been to the twin lakes though.

  18. Never tried underwater adventures because I don't know how to swim. :(

  19. It's always been my dream to explore wonders under the sea like snorkeling but I'm so afraid getting into the deep because I don't even know how to swim. :(

  20. Hindi kopa na ta try na mag snorkeling kasi takot ako.:) Baka malunod ako, di kasi ako marunong lumangoy. Nakukuntento nalang ako sa mga kwento ng mga taong naka experience nito. hehehe.:)

  21. I've been to Dumaguete before and it was really a great place for underwater enthusiast. too bad I don't know how to swim. only my friends have pictures of their underwater experience.

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