The Road to Paradise: El Nido

As soon as I got the chance to travel to El Nido I didn't hesitate. There was something about El Nido that seemed untouched, ethereal, and dreamlike.

Upon landing, the magnificent sunrise greeted us I thought it was a good sign of things to come. I booked a seat in a van from Fort Wally for P700 for the 6 hour ride from Puerto Prinsesa to El Nido.

I immediately checked-in at Alternative Inn and was greeted by the beautiful landscape of El Nido. The man-made boats, calm waters, mountains, and limestone formations were a strange but beautiful mix.

Of Beaches & Lagoons

The first tour we booked during our first full day in El Nido was Tour A for P800 including snorkeling gear.

Seven Commando Beach
As soon as we set sail, the tour guide decided to reverse the order of the destinations because of the droves of tour boats heading to Small Lagoon first. Our firs stop was Seven Commando Beach.

Seven Commando Beach
The clear waters and fine white sand were perfect for a nice nap, and quick swim.

Big Lagoon
Big Lagoon
The path to the Big Lagoon was filled with limestone formations that were spectacular. The scars and jagged edges of the stone formations revealed nature's inner workings, the contrast between beauty and destruction was in full display. 

Big Lagoon's water was clear and had a tinge of green. There were a lot of corals underneath its green skin but Coron's marine life was still better, that's just my opinion.

Payong-Payong Beach
Payong-Payong (umbrella) Beach was smaller than Seven Commando Beach but still had its own charm. The soft white sand and clear waters were refreshing. The towering limestone formations were also a sight to behold. 

We had lunch in Payong-Payong Beach. We also had the opportunity to talk to everyone who was on the boat. It was nice to know that the foreigners discovered El Nido through word of mouth and the Internet.

Secret Lagoon
Secret Lagoon was one of the many hidden gems that El Nido had to offer. The towering limestone formations hid the lagoon. We had to swim to enter the lagoon behind the limestone formations.

Secret Lagoon

Secret Lagoon
The Filipinos, Kazakhs, and the Swiss coming together to enjoy El Nido. 

The landscape of El Nido was picturesque, the chaos and inner rumblings of its limestone formations that emerged from deep within nature created an image that was worth immortalizing.

Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach
Paradise Beach had fine white sand and enormous limestone formations. I was getting used to the sight of limestone formations decorating fine white sand beaches, El Nido you have spoiled me.

Paradise Beach
The gargantuan limestone formations on Paradise Beach.

Small Lagoon
The last stop of Tour A took us to Small Lagoon. The towering limestone formations enclosed the Small Lagoon which created an intimate atmosphere.

Small Lagoon
We swam to a small cave in Small Lagoon and took a couple of snapshots.

The trip to El Nido would not be as fun without the company of the people who joined me on the tour. I learned about what they thought of the Philippines and their home countries.Traveling is a learning experience that opens you up to new things, ideas, and experiences that you would not normally learn in a classroom.



  1. still ang gnda tlga sa el nido, hope mkapunta rin d2...

  2. ganda... still in my to visit list :)

  3. Fantastic pictures ;) I wish I could visit El Nido soon pero parang 10 years pa :/

  4. It sure is dreamlike, I've been to palawan but not to El Nido yet, either Coron or this place will be our next destination.. :D

  5. I haven't been to El Nido yet, but based on the pics, I could say that it's truly a paradise! :)

  6. beautiful El Nido- simply paradise. No. 1 sa listahan ko ang Palawan- specifically El Nido

  7. im really intrigued with that secret lagoon, I saw a feature in one of GMA's shows ... hope to visit that anytime soon! anyway how was el nido compared to Coron?

  8. Ganda talaga ng El Nido. Wala kang aayawan sa mga lugar.
    Sana makapunta din kami rito.

  9. I haven't been in El Nido but was able to visit Coron and Puerto Princesa. I should visit El Nido soon.

  10. @Shie: I think it would be a toss-up between El Nido and Coron. I liked EL Nido's landscape above water and liked the underwater wonders that Coron offered.

  11. wow! i mean, this is a great destination this summer. the view, and the rocks formation are just amazing. .. a must to visit paradise. . .

  12. It's nice to go there if you are accompanied with great friends parang THE BEACH(movie).

  13. A secret Paradise indeed. swimming na swimming na ako.

  14. I have 2 kids, 13 yrs old and 1 yr old. Is it okay/safe to travel to El Nido with my 1 year old kid? Please advise. Thank you

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