A Visit to Sorsogon: The Rock Formations of Sawanga

Sorsogon was not in one of my places to visit because I knew very little of the place. Outside of whale shark watching (which is very scarce now), I knew almost nothing of the places to visit and see in this province. But nonetheless we went to Sorsogon after visiting a few spots in Albay.

Paguriran Island
We took the first van we saw that headed to Sorsogon City. We paid the P85 fare and arrived in Sorsogon in a little less than one and a half hours. Our road trip did not end there because we had to take another jeep bound to Sawanga for 2-3 hours after a quick lunch. After seeing a handful of pictures of Paguriran Island, I decided to put that atop our to visit list.

Paguriran Island
Our long sojourn took a halt at the Paguriran Beach Resort run by a German, his wife, and kids. The trip to Sawanga was long and tiring so we decided to hit the beach right away.

The roads were paved but there were some sections which were unpaved. It also seemed like everyone new each other because at each stop people who rode the jeep started talking like they've known each other for quite some time. Despite the distance between barangays, it's nice to know that there is a connection between all of the people who rode the jeep.

The main draw of Paguriran is not the beach itself but the lagoon and rock formations, but the beachfront is not too shabby either. Fine white sand and clear, warm waters what more can you ask for?

These were some of the rock formations behind the lagoon.

It's more fun under the sun. There were hardly any people visiting because low-season just started.

Pagol Rock Formations

After seeing and swimming around Paguriran Island, we moved on to the other rock formations further out.

Pagol Rock Formations

Pagol Rock Formations
The Pagol rock formations weren't too far from Paguriran. The waters surrounding the rocks were surprisingly warm. The jagged skin of the rocks created a beautiful kind of ugly that only nature could have created.

There were other rock formations in the area.

There was another group of rock formations further out called 'Buhawi' but the tide was already getting high that made getting there impossible. Pagol and Paguriran were both worth the long ride all the way from Daraga, Albay.

We didn't anticipate the time it took to get from Albay to Sawanga, Sorsogon. We missed the last jeep back to the city (4PM) and ended up spending the night in Paguriran Beach Resort. Sorsogon City is the best starting point to see all of the places in Sorsogon, missing the last jeep back made us change our plans on the fly. We had to spend another two hours on the road just to get back to the city the next day to head to Matnog.

How to get to Paguriran Island

You can reach Paguriran island by taking the Sawanga bound jeep from Sorsogon City Grand Terminal for P45 one way. Just tell the driver you will alight at Paguriran Beach Resort. If you plan on just doing a day tour to Paguriran, head out earlier (you'll need 2-3 hours at least to enjoy the rock formations) to catch the last jeep back to Sorsogon City at 4PM. It takes 2-3 hours to reach the resort. Sawanga is located at the northern tip of Sorsogon.

Where to Stay in Sawanga, Sorsogon

We stayed in Paguriran Beach Resort to spend the night. Our air conditioned room costs P800 for two persons, shared basic bathroom. We just had food cooked as there were no restaurants in sight, just small stores with canned goods and a market with produce and meat.

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  1. I have never been there; I just knew it was the place to see the whalesharks. Would love to see those rock formations though. And the water is so clear!

  2. waow, ini indah sekali...

  3. I am a true blue Bicolana but I must admit I have never been to this place. I hope to visit the place soon! Thanks for sharing!

  4. wow! this is really breathtaking!

  5. It's refreshing to see the natural formed rock formation. Thanks for giving us a preview of Sorsogon.

  6. Can we also have camping trips there - are guests allowed to just bring in tents and hammocks instead of staying in hotels?

  7. @Rochkirstin: I'm not sure if you can camp there, although there are cottages you can use.

  8. I've never been to Sorsogon but this is a great place we'll consider in Summer 2014! The way you photographed the rocks really blew my mind away, ang ganda kasi!

  9. I like the beaches! It looks so clear and beautiful! But the long hour road trip can be a bit stressful but I think it's fun since I love adventure too! :D

  10. Those are beautiful rock formations! I never been in Sorsogon, thanks to this post. I saw a glimpse, I believe, one of its finest places. Thanks Wandering Juan!

  11. oh sorsogon. i am rooting to meet the butanding there. hopefully, i'll visit the place soon!

  12. I remember I have a friend from Sorsogon and he studied in Baguio too. Maybe, I should ask him to visit his place.

  13. When we went to Legazpi we were advised to go to Sorsogon for really nice beaches.

  14. Wow to the rock formations.. I have never seen anything like that in real life seriously. I might consider visiting the place when given the chance.

  15. lagoon and rock formations indeed incredible to see! wish i can go around philippines as well one day to see it for myself!

  16. This gives me a heads up on what's worth seeing and visiting when I go to Sorsogon. The rock formations plus the clear waters is definitely a must-see. Plus, the road trip is something that anyone can surely bear.

  17. Hi, do you have an itinerary and budget to Paguriran from Manila? There are really a lot of beautiful beaches and lagoons in Bicol.

  18. These are stunning rock formations - something that really showcases the beauty of nature. Great shots. I wish I could visit the place someday. Sa ngayon, in my dreams pa :D

  19. Ganda nung lagoon and the rock formations adds interest and beauty to the place. Happy travel bro!

  20. The rock formations are quite interesting and I hope I will have my chance of seeing them soon.

  21. THose rock formations gave me goosebumps. I want to visit that place!

  22. Sorsogon is one of the places with the best beaches!! I wish I could go there someday and take a dive with the whale sharks.. :)

  23. Wow! those rock formations are gorgeous!!. I think i should include this to my list of places to visit next summer! hehe :)

  24. Wow clear water! Is it safe to swim there? The rock formations are really beautiful.

  25. Those rock formations look really picturesque. And its so inviting as well.

  26. Those rock formations are fascinating and the vast ocean deep is nature's wonder at its best. Such an enchanting destination really is SORSOGON!

  27. I am always fascinated with rock formations, and those in Sorsogon are indeed fascinating. Nice photos bro.

  28. So beautiful! So much wonderful treasures and places to go and see here in the Philippines! :)

  29. @chasing philippines: yes upcoming post :D

  30. I've been reading a lot about Sorsogon lately. It's becoming popular. Hope I could spend a vacation there soon with my family.

  31. OMG! This is amazing. Definitely one of the places Philippines can truly be proud of. Wow!

  32. wooow! Such an stunning scenery! Might go to Sorsogon soon! I'm planning to go on a business trip to the province.

  33. I haven't been to Sorsogon yet, but I'll definitely keep this destination in mind. The rock formations are all beautiful. I'm sure me and my nature-loving boyfriend will love the place :)

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