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Itinerary & Expenses for Bicol Trip

By On June 25, 2013
My trip to Bicol was a revelation. There were so many beautiful paces to see and things to do in Sorsogon and Albay. Too bad that I hear of NPAs hiding out in that region which has created a negative image of Bicol. During my stay there I did not encounter a single rebel. Maybe these threats of rebels and uprisings are just caused by fear, fear of the unknown. But there was nothing of that fear when my friend and I got to Bicol. There was a connection between the people that was endearing.



Wandering in Tikling Island, Sorsogon

By On June 24, 2013
The last stop of our island hopping tour around Matnog took us to Tikling Island.

To The End of Luzon: Matnog, Sorsogon

By On June 17, 2013
On the last leg of my Sorsogon trip, we made it all the way to the southern most tip of Luzon in Matnog, Sorsogon.

A Visit to Sorsogon: The Rock Formations of Sawanga

By On June 12, 2013
Sorsogon was not in one of my places to visit because I knew very little of the place. Outside of whale shark watching (which is very scarce now), I knew almost nothing of the places to visit and see in this province. But nonetheless we went to Sorsogon after visiting a few spots in Albay.

Paguriran Island

Lakbay Albay

By On June 10, 2013
There was a two-faced mountain which everyone called beautiful. One side was light, the other dark.

I finally had the chance to visit Bicol last June 7 with a friend. Upon landing, we were semi-blessed to see Mt. Mayon before she was fully covered by the clouds.

Can Annual Travel Insurance Save You Money?

By On June 06, 2013
Guest Post by Catherine M.

When you're going abroad, you should remember to search and book the right level of travel insurance. Whether you're planning to try your hand at extreme sports or do nothing more than lie on a beach, holiday insurance is an essential part of going away - and it can save you endless hassle, not to mention a small fortune, should things go wrong.

There are many different types of travel insurance available. There are specific policies for certain holidays like skiing and snowboarding, and add-on cover for higher-risk activities like off-piste skiing. There are also policies which are dependent on frequency, and it's important to choose the right one for you to avoid paying over the odds.

Going Underground: Cavinti Caves

By On June 03, 2013
I was invited to go to a newly opened cave in Cavinti, Laguna. I've heard very little about this cave which is why it piqued my curiosity. The cave was just opened to the public last March. Since I was on a month long travel hiatus, I decided to join the tour of Explore8 along with some friends.

Cavinti Underground Cave



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